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Elvis Presley Coursework

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Elvis Presley Coursework 1. Study Source A. What can you learn from Source A about Elvis Presley 's impact on popular music in the USA in 1955? In Source A the magazine "Billboard" Presley is described as: "A Winner! Presley Hot As $1 Pistol" This statement means that Elvis is in demand and that he is popular and wanted as a musician by lots of different people. When Presley brought out two tracks in March 1955 (called Heartbreak Hotel and I Was The One) he went straight to number 2 in the charts, even though people knew that he was singing black style music. In number 1 place was Perry Como's jukebox Baby, Perry Como was a respectable, conforming, all-round nice guy of the time. So this Source tells us that despite the style of Presleys music he still was "good enough" to cause a worry to the existing, well loved singers of that time. 2. Study Sources A and B. (i) In what ways do the sources differ? Source A says positive things about Presley like, he can sing, there is high demand for him and that he is wanted by the listeners of America, whereas Source B is against Elvis and describes him "caterwauling unintelligible lyrics in an inadequate voice, during a display of primitive physical movement..." ...read more.


would need to speak in public against Elvis and get support of other adults, by doing this he could cause enough damage to Presleys reputation so that he would disappear or get knocked off the charts by another singer/band. Source G ii) The KKK would want to have Elvis stopped because he was spreading Negro music to people, and people were beginning to enjoy this new style. The KKK want blacks out of their country, they also want things that are related to blacks to be stopped as well, the want all traces of black people wiped out of the country, the KKK will also kill people who want or try to help black people. Presley is singing black music and becoming very popular and the KKK want this stopped. This ".. twenty-man committee.. " Has been made to try and decide how to stop Elvis. 5. Study Source I. Source I suggests that attitudes to Elvis Presley were beginning to change by 1958. Use the source, and your own knowledge, to explain why this was happening. Elvis Presley joined the army even though he could have bought his way out. Mainly from this onwards Elvis is seen as a caring responsible person. ...read more.


During the years of 1956 and 1957 Elvis had 7 of his songs voted as the top song of the charts for the year. This could of been helped by his televison appearences, more people would of seen him on television, than in concerts. The years of 1956 and 1957 would be particually helpful to his career because of the economic boom and the wide range of electronic equiptment Elvis was vastly helped by all of advertising he got by the media. There was an uproar when Elvis made his first television appearence, sources B,C+G seemed to be based on the view of the people of the time, most of these negitive comments wouldn't of been said if Elvis hadn't been seen on T.V. Source I doesn't mention T.V, it was Elvis serving time in the army so he could protect his country form the Nazi and Communist threats was what made him popular during this time of crisis. Elvis's recent television attack by the media would of drawn more attention to his enrolement, if he had only existed on the radio or concerts, only a small fuss would of been made about him joining, but since he has all of this press attention as a wild, uncaring animal it was quite a shock that he would risk his life in the battle againsted communism, even though he could of bought his way out. ...read more.

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