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Evaluation of using Logica to produce my rock track.

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Jonathan Sieff Evaluation of song on ?Logic? In the lesson, I made a song using the mac programme ?Logic? which is professionally used within the music industry. I learned how to use the programme from an industry professional called Tom, who is a music producer. Since I had never used the programme before, I was therefore unsure how to use the programme. However, I got used to the programme fairly quickly and easily. I then managed to make a sample track using the programme. The track that I made was a rock track; it was a lot heavier than the one I made on ?Garage band?. I certainly find ?Logic? to be a much better music programme than ?Garage band? as it is easy to use and the music created is of a much better quality. ...read more.


The sound on ?Garage band? is a cacophony. The track I produced on ?Logic? was certainly better quality and easy to do. Even though the track is heavier rock; it definitely sounds more professional and is closer to being industry standard. I think if people were to listen to both tracks and compare the two, I should think they would have a more positive response to the track on logic. The track was highly unique; I think it was the only track, which was rock. This certainly shows that my taste in music differs to the rest of the class as many of their tracks was either ?Hip Hop?, ?Techno? or ?Pop?. ...read more.


The equipment that I used was an Apple mac, which I have at home and the ?Logic? programme which was new to me. It was easy for me to use the programme because the programme is easy to use. When I presented my track to class; it was met with high praise, this is because the track I made differed greatly to the majority of the tracks made by other members of the class. This definitely helped as it showed me that my track was unique. The only improvement I would make to my track would be to add lyrics so that it is not just a piece of music, I think that the track definitely needs lyrics because a majority of songs in the rock genre have lyrics, it is rare to find rock songs without lyrics ...read more.

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