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Explore the dramatic affects of 'the dance' half way through act 1.

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Explore the dramatic affects of 'the dance' half way through act 1 Dance is one of the most natural forms of movement. Dance first originated from people who could naturally feel the beat. So in 'the dance' when Maggie relates to the loud and steady beat of the Irish dance music, it is a very natural thing to do. However, when the audience suddenly sees four women stop what they are doing and suddenly start dancing in the middle of their kitchen, it comes as a great surprise. This is not what we expect to see. It is as though all five sisters have been possessed. Each sister's dance is concentrated and personal and emotional. It is as though they are wearing masks. ...read more.


But when Kate does suddenly decide to join, we know that this dance is definitely not the norm. Kate is a firm Christian and the Christian church has always disagreed with dancing so when Kate joins in, it comes as a great shock to the audience. Kate's dance is the most intimate and emotional. Her dance is described in the most detail, as this is the hardest dance to understand. Kate dances solely for herself and the audience can see that this is not the kind of dance meant for entertainment. Kate has completely opened up, so much in fact, that it seems to us, as the audience, as though she has closed up. This is because we cannot understand the emotions that Kate is feeling here: "Kate dances alone, totally concentrated, totally private; a movement that is simultaneously controlled and frantic..." ...read more.


An uncomfortable silence envelopes the stage and even into the audience, where we begin to feel slightly embarrassed ourselves: "They look at each other obliquely; avoid looking at each other; half smile in embarrassment; feel and look slightly ashamed and slightly defiant." Finally Chris moves towards the radio and the static tension breaks. For the audience, this is a great relief. We can breathe out and sit back to enjoy the rest of the play. 'The dance' has such a dramatic effect on the audience that we are able to submerge completely into the emotions of the dance and even begin to feel these emotions ourselves. We can relate very well to the emotions here, yet I think that the intimacy of 'the dance' and the way that each dance is made completely personal, leaves us with an overall sense of confusion, curiosity and a longing to help and relate with the characters. ...read more.

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