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Identify four aspects of John Williams' ET; 'Flying Theme' that makes the music immediately attractive and appealing. In each case discuss how the composer achieves this intention.

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Identify four aspects of John Williams' ET; 'Flying Theme' that makes the music immediately attractive and appealing. In each case discuss how the composer achieves this intention. Four aspects of John Williams' ET that make the music immediately attractive and appealing are the uses of instrumentation, accents, pitch and rhythm. One of the aspects includes instrumentation. Williams uses instrumentation by using all the different instruments for different effects. In bar 47, the brass enters with heavy homophonic fanfare chords. This creates a bright and attractive effect, and stands out from the rest of the music. Williams also uses strings to play the main melodic line, this gives the music a more romantic fell and automatically makes the music more attractive. ...read more.


This drives the music on and keeps it going. The motor rhythms are continuous all the way through the piece except for the end. The gives the listener a sense of achievement as he music has built up to this moment. An example of this motor rhythm is in bar 60. Also the rhythm of the tune is varied towards the end. This makes the music exciting, as it does not become predictable to the listener. Williams also uses also uses cross rhythms in order to make the music more appealing and attractive. This again gives the listener variation from the same theme. The end of the piece builds up using several musical techniques. The rhythm uses quavers to build up, and then lands on a homophonic semibreve note, as the piece comes to a climax. ...read more.


Another aspect, which makes the music immediately attractive and appealing, is the use of accents. Williams uses a lot of different types of accents to show how the music is dramatic. The accents used gives attraction to the music as it does not only drive the music on, but it also creates variation from straight quavers which are played at most times. An example of this is in bar 47 were the brass play homophonic chords. He uses the accents at this point in order to make the fanfares here stand out. I bar 68, the four quavers used, lead the piece into the coda. These four quavers are all accented, which makes the music more effective. The pieces texture then changes at this point, from a heavy homophonic texture to a more lighter polyphonic texture. ...read more.

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