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In this assignment I am going to be explaining and assessing how I think that music technology can be used safely in live applications and performances. I am going to be doing this by giving detailed and descriptive examples. For the second part of the as

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"The machine that rocks the cradle, rocks the world" In this assignment I am going to be explaining and assessing how I think that music technology can be used safely in live applications and performances. I am going to be doing this by giving detailed and descriptive examples. For the second part of the assignment I will be describing and arguing what music technology actually is and what electro acoustic music is. Also within the essay, I will discuss the increasing use of computers and technology in the live environment. The computer has become an indispensable tool in ensuring that both recording and playback sound quality is kept at the maximum possible level. Many positive ideas have come from the computerisation of recording studios and live performances. For example, music is becoming more widely available to the general public with the introduction of mp3 players and the growth of the online music industry and as for in performance people are yet using computers to generate live midi and video footage, also stabs and midi triggering. The essay will be concluded with my personal feelings towards the use of electronic technology within the live music industry, as well as the recording studio environment. My conclusion will reveal that while the use of electronic technology has become crucial in the modern music market and should not downgrade the quality of the live music produced. In this way, I feel that the use of electronic technology, mainly drum machines and computerised backing tracks, have actually had a negative effect on the live music industry, because the majority of artists within the music industry now use computer-generated electronic backing for live performances. So Firstly I personally think that when you are going to be using music technology in a live situation you should at least assess the area to make sure it is safe and un-hazardous this could be done as part of a risk assessment at the get in of a venue. ...read more.


Different instruments playing a note at the same pitch have different sound qualities, and it is the timbre that enables the listener to distinguish the sound of, for example, a trumpet from that of a violin. The tone quality of a sound depends on several things, including its waveform, the strength of its harmonics, and its attack and decay the 'shape' of the sound. By applying the envelopes and various voltage-controlled oscillators. Timbre refers to the characteristics that make up a sound. Each instrument has its own timbre, i.e. its own sound characteristic. If you play the same note on a bass guitar and a cello, the sounds will be different. The overall note will be the same, but the parts that make up the sound will be different. The four simple waveforms and their sounds which are called envelopes. Envelopes are profiles of sound attack, sustain, delay and decay) can be applied to a sound wave. Envelopes modify the amplitude which is the amount of air particles that are disturbed by sound waves at a given time of the sound. If a 'piano' envelope is applied to a sound wave, the wave will slowly decrease in amplitude which is widely known as volume until there is no sound left. An 'organ' envelope will have no fading at all for example the sound wave will start and finish suddenly. Envelopes can be applied to any type of wave, and exist only in theory. Most synthesisers work on the theory of voltage control. The Voltage Controlled Oscillator which however is also known as VCO, this produces a pitch that is proportional to the voltage supplied to it. Most synthesiser manufacturers have settled on a one volt per octave scale, where the voltage through the oscillator needs to be raised by one volt in order for the sound produced to rise by one octave. On some synthesisers, the VCO carries a waveform selector, but the Voltage Controlled Filter which is known as VCF usually does this job. ...read more.


However the world's first digital computer music was generated in Australia by a programmer called Geoff Hill on the CSIRAC computer which was designed and built by Trevor Pearcey and Maston Beard. Subsequently, one of the first composers to write music with a computer was Iannis Xenakis. He wrote programs in the FORTRAN language that generated numeric data that then could be transcribed into scores to be played by traditional musical instruments. This is done today by using midi and audio programs dedicated to song writing and instrument scoring which are programs as Sibelius and logic. Also I think that it is a lot easier to generate music using a computer because if any mistakes are made they can be rectified much easier even if you are not a musician. That's another advantage of using computer generated music; you do not have to be a musician to create music. You don't even have to be able to play an instrument. So using computer generated music in a performance could be for those who can not play anything but sing and or that they do not have the equipment or facilities to produce the real sounding instruments. Also that you may not be able to create some of the sound effects used in a particular song or the loops. Now days computer generated music in a live performance is used by so many artists or performers because it is easier to get a band to play or it is physically too hard or complicated for a band to play it. Pop singers have always used music technology to perform live because they can not sing in tune; they would often use a pitch shifter or key corrector to make sure that they are singing in the right key. Also that because it is pop they have very poppy electronic drums and the backing track is always pre recorded or composed using computer generated software. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris McAleese 1 ...read more.

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