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In this essay I will discuss about the stereotyping of Bend it like Beckham and Billy Elliot and the different cultures.

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16th February2003 Media In this essay I will discuss about the stereotyping of Bend it like Beckham and Billy Elliot and the different cultures. In Bend it like Beckham the mum of the main character doesn't want her to play football because she is a girl and it isn't honourable for the family. She won't let her play football because of this but Jess plays football behind her back. In Billy Elliot, the boy starts to dance and the dad is against boys dancing and says they should be out boxing or playing football. This film was set during the miner strike. In Billy Elliot, there was a lot of stereotyping, mainly towards Billy being a dancer. Billy has an older brother and a dad who works in the mines but is out on strike in the film. His mum died when he was little. Billy became a dancer when he was in the boxing and had to stay behind because he wasn't hitting the bag properly. He then saw the Girls all dancing and the teacher asked him to join. She asked him if he was scared and wasn't bothered about the fact that he was a boy, and didn't think dancing was only for girls. When she corrects Billy for not doing something right, she doesn't look bothered that there is a boy learning to dance. She asks Billy if he's scared to come back again to Dance next week. ...read more.


We see that is dad cares about Billy thought when he sees Billy dancing for the first time and runs to the teacher to ask how much it costs, and goes to work for Billy. The director makes this an emotional film by playing sad music when something like this happens and making the actors have sad faces or something like that. The director sets the play in a place that looks a rough area and life is hard. The houses is messy and all the houses lead onto an alleyway. The toilet is outside and a little girl is always standing there with nothing to do. Billy also has to share a room with his brother. This adds more reason why it looks like an area where you have to look hard to do well and why it's harder for Billy to dance when he also has a Brother who is someone who has a hard image when we see. We see Billy's brother have a go at his dad and during this part we hear music like he's fighting back and saying that he is a no good since mum died. Billy's dad smacks him hear and another part of emotional where it looks like the whole family is falling apart and won't hold together. In Bend it like Beckham there is stereotyping towards lesbians, girls playing football and Indians. The Indian girl who wants to play football is called Jess and her best mate who also plays football is called Jules. ...read more.


When it goes 1-1, the music gets faster and they flick between the wedding and match, slowing the wedding bit down. When they win a free-kick and a chance to win it, it slows down and Jess sees her family in the wall calling out to her, We then see Jules mum confront them telling her to get her lesbian feet out of her shoes. Her mum says she's lesbian because of the clothes she wears. When she finds out she's not a lesbian, she says it not a big deal when she thinks it is. We then see Jess's dad stick up for his daughter, because he wants her to do well introducing emotion into the film, at this bit we hear a little bit of music in the background introduce slowly making it more emotional. When they are at the airport and happy we hear Loud, upbeat and happy music. The contrast between the two mums is that they both don't want their daughters to play football for different reasons, but in the end of the day lived with it and had to deal with it. The difference is that Billy didn't have anybody to help him through it except his teacher but really had to deal with it himself, unlike jess that had Jules and her friend at the park and Joe. Although Bend it like Beckham had more types of stereotyping and contrasts bits in the films and used the music well. Billy had to fight against his dad and had to fight against them thinking he was gay when Jess had to fight against her religion. James Peters ...read more.

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