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Interpret Observed Movement Patterns and Performance.

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Movement Assessment Outcome 4 PC c INTERPRET OBSERVED MOVEMENT PATTERNS AND PERFORMANCE Neil Forrester Chicago - The Musical The show I am going to do a report on is Chicago. I went to see the musical in Broadway in late December 2002, and enjoyed every minute. The first image I had of the set was of the Band, centre stage, taking up more than half of the stage space. I was confused as to how the remaining space would be large enough for a large cast to do dance numbers but I kept myself open minded. As the musical went on it became apparent that this was very effective use of the stage space, as the cast could interact with the band, and the stage was far to large for the cast alone to fill. The first dance number of the show was to the music "all that Jazz". In the beginning, most of the cast, except Billy Flynn and Amos, were dancing all over the front, and sides of the large bandstand. ...read more.


At the very end of it the cast split down the middle and we were introduced to Roxie Hart. This worked well theatrically as we knew now the musical proper was about to begin. When we were introduced to Billy Flynn, the music was "All I care about is Love". His entrance was through the bandstand and he came in applauded by the female cast, all dressed in the same way, with large white feathers boas. We were then treated to a visual treat. Billy, who was acting, and dancing like a cool, confident Don Juan was obviously adored by the girls. He was walking between them, while they looked all nervous and shy, as he sang the opening lines. When the music kicked in, the girls all got into a circle, and Billy was in the middle. The front couple of girls knelt down, then the two next to them crouched until the top two were standing high. They put their big feather boas next to each other, and moved round from position, to position. ...read more.


They didn't like each other, but had no other choice. The way the dance went on was very effective, and I enjoyed it immensely. You could see in the way they danced, and sang, that they were two totally different individuals, and they despised each other, but they still sang, and danced the same lyrics, and moves. However, although they were dancing together, they were trying to outdo each other, and it was great to watch. They would both do high kicks at the same time; both do the splits at the same time, both do jazzy dance steps at the same time, and dance together in a waltz, but the two huge ego's were doing it there own way, not as a pair. Overall I learned a lot from doing this assessment. Probably most important I learned that dance, and movement is very important regardless of ability. Props are also something that can be very effective, and visually appealing. It is also important when dancing as a unit, to do it together but not too much to lose the individuality of character. Having a variety of individuality, and teamwork is very important so it is not too monotonous for the audience. Word count 1130 ...read more.

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