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Moulin Rouge

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A dance with a stranger The violent rain showered me and the sky was gloomy and lifeless. It was a solitary visual; it reflected exactly my melancholy state of mind. The air was thick with the scent of rain-damp clothing. Coldness crept round me, like water surrounding an island. The brightly lit front of the Moulin Rouge caught my attention from the soaking street corner. I was glad when I was finally allowed inside. Two grand mahogany French doors opened slowly, but surely. As I peered in I could see that the room looked luxurious. It was the beautiful golden spotlights above that caught my eye, which twinkled just like stars in the night sky. ...read more.


It was no use though; as the people who were just arriving were pushing and shoving me back. This was becoming beyond a joke. The next thing I knew, I was deafened by the sound of music, which had just started to play. I turned round to face the front, and noticed the room was strangely filled with much hyperactivity. Whatever could be happening in this house of mayhem? I also noticed that I had been pushed forward so far, that I was right at the front of the theatre - incredibly close to the stage. The rouge, heavy, velvet stage curtains that dragged on the floor, were eagerly waiting to be opened. Once again, that vile stench of cigars wafted past me. ...read more.


I paused for a moment, as I was slightly taken aback by his question. His clammy hand lingered on mine, as he nervously awaited my answer. 'Such a charming man' I thought, so how could I refuse? His beautiful smile lit up his face as I returned my pleasing answer. He offered his arm, and led me to the floor. We gleefully danced around the room, interchanging arms - as we interpreted the music into action. The music stopped; we cheered and clapped our appreciation of the musical atmosphere. The band began to play. We engaged arms and vigorously danced again. The music ended. We were exhausted. My companion escorted me to my seat, placed a kiss on my cheek and bid me farewell, then vanished through the crowd. My happiness came to an abrupt end. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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