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Music Song Analysis

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Grech has said that one of the main influence on the recording of the album "I am Chromosome" was the idea that all of his experiences could be categorised into three groups: sensual, holy and debauched and the unhinged "I Am Chromosome". They are all disturbing, unsettling pieces of work. He was influenced by such artists as Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, Queen Adreena, Jeff Buckley, Sepultura and many more. These artists characteristics have clearly influenced Grech in the writing of "I am Chromosome" as they are all very alternative musicians, much like this song as it has so many different characteristics to it. Form The song does not have a definite structure; it starts off with a clear introduction building up to the song but from there on it does not have clear verses, choruses bridges, hooks and so on. The transition between sections by way of other musical factors is not smooth or flowing, it jumps from section to section with no warning. As shown in Appendix two, there is a table splitting the song up into sections by time. As the song does not have a clear structure the words used to describe the 'sections' to my account are what best describe what each section sounds like. Voice Grech has a voice that can range from a falsetto simper to a full-blooded scream, and as shown in 'I am chromosome' he can do this within the same song, and the arrangements are thoroughly constructed. ...read more.


There are many harmonic changes throughout the song, and there is no constant components throughout the song. The voice is the most constant component but is always changing in melody, harmony and pitch. The song has been layered out like this on purpose as it is all to do with moods and no one mood is the same. His pitch ranges from high and low, when moving onto different sections he changes in pitch and melody, and sings the same sections often in the same pitch and melody, for example he sings the chorus the same with sometimes a slight difference, but it is easily recognised what that section is meant to be. Technology Technology in this song is used quite a lot, it has a very clean crisp and clear sound. Which would not normally happen if it was recorded live or without being revamped. The volume has been altered in parts of the song in order for it to sound better. For example the introduction; going from very quiet sustained notes into a blast of guitar. The voice is clear on the guitar section so both voice and the guitar must have been altered so it can be heard correctly. The sound balance is equally used with the left and right speaker being level. There does not seem to be much technology used on the microphone, he makes his own prolonged sounds. ...read more.


26-48 2.Introduction Guitar The strings are bended downward and the tone does not sound happy, but more depressing. 41-109 3.Verse Voice Neat and clear melody. 49-110 4.Verse Piano / Symbols Neat and mimics the melody of the voice. 110-130 5.Chorus Voice Words are sung slowly and prolonged. 110-130 6.Chorus Piano / Symbols Piano in cords not fitting to the melody. 131-153 7.Bridge Guitar Repeated from section 2 of guitar 138-139 8.Bridge Voice Voice is shouting 147-153 9.Verse Voice Shouting in melody 153-208 10.Verse Voice Singing in Melody 154-208 11.Verse Piano Mimicking the voice 209-228 12.Chorus Voice Words are sung slowly and prolonged. Similar to component 5. 209-227 13.Chorus Piano Piano in cords not fitting to the melody. Repeat of component 6. 230-300 14.Verse Voice Slowly and softly spoken words and mimics words 230-259 15.Verse Piano Piano mimics the words. 300-317 16.Chorus Voice Words are sung slowly and prolonged. 300-325 17.Chorus Synth Mimics the pitch of voice and then fades 318-20 18.Chorus Piano Little chord and fade possibly signalling a new section is about to begin. 325-235 19.Hook Drums Sustained notes appear very shortly as in the introduction. 326-451 20. Guitar / Drums Different however then begins to repeat section 2. 358-359 21. Voice As repeated in section 8 405-414 22. Voice Shouting quickly and repeating one word. sounding like he is getting breathless towards the end. 417-452 23. Voice Ending with him screaming in a very high pitched voice. Appendix Three word count: 2537 Page 1 of 9 ...read more.

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