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Noise - Music to our ears or pollution?

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Jaime Gracias 5/05/02 11G Noise- Music to our ears or pollution? Noise is all around us. Everywhere we go we can hear some kind of noise. Sound is measured in decibels. A decibel is a unit of relative loudness for sound, the decibel scale runs from zero for the least perceptible sound to 130 for sound that causes pain. The symbol for decibels is dB. There are a lot of pleasures in sound. Especially the music we hear. This means that the music industry make a lot of money as well as disco's. There are a lot of dangers related to noise. For example if u listen to loud music it can damage your ears. ...read more.


Sound sometimes can't be avoided because humans have no control over nature and nature can also produce sound. Mobile phones create a lot of pollution specially because there are so many mobile phones around. Eight out of ten people have mobiles and some people get fed up because mobile phones are always ringing. Mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola. Siemens, Sony and Erickson are happy that so many people are buying their products and don't really pay much attention to the noise pollution. Aircrafts produce very high levels of sound. Inside an aircraft the sound is quite loud. On the outside the sound is very loud. Apartments and houses near airports are at great risk. ...read more.


Dogs which constantly bark all day are also a form of noise pollution. Neighbours get irritated and cant sleep because of the barking have a right to complain. In apartments you are not allowed to make noise after 10 pm. If you do then the your neighbours can complain or even call the police. The police can give you a quite a large fine for "disturbing the peace". Disco's and bars in certain areas need to close down at 12 am. There are always police clearing off the location at 12 pm. Some people make a lot of money because of sound. The music industry is huge. And it attracts teenagers and music lovers. Teenagers don't realize the dangers of loud music. I think music manufacturers such as Sony should increase the warning on the music products so that it give more security to the buyer. ...read more.

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