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Performance studies language of performing arts.

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Jenny Nichols Performance studies language of performing arts Performing arts is a combination of the three art forms, dance, drama and music. We looked at how they can interlink. They interlink through the use of common language. They also interlink through the process: * Warm up * Stimulus * Brainstorms * Make decisions * Improvise * Rehearse * Refine * Perform * Evaluate For our small group pieces, we were given a stimulus, a picture by Salvador Dali, "The persistence of memory." This gives the idea of time, hard objects becoming floppy. You can see the Spanish coast, and in the see the sea a whale like creature can be seen. Small drama piece Our drama was very serious; we used different techniques to begin. We went to a dark, quiet room to sit or stand in a circle. We stood in a circle and kept in focus for 10 minutes thinking of serious, negative thoughts Warm ups for group pieces Before every performance we completed either a physical, mental or vocal warm up. For the physical warm up, we stretched everything starting from the head down to our feet. Shoulder circles 1. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart and knees bent. ...read more.


When we showed our dance to the rest of the class they gave us feedback so that we could change it. They told us there was lots of action, there were good relationships together and against Craig. Our dynamics needed improving, we had a good use of space but we also needed to concentrate more. For our drama piece there is no spoken dialog in our piece. We had to stay focused and concentrate for our characterisation. To do the physicality we had to clear our heads, and think of things which will keep us serious such as deaths this is also how we warmed up. The atmosphere was very tense and seemed uncomfortable because nobody moved and it looked as though we had had an argument. We were sat or stood on different levels of staging staring at the audience for the whole piece. Our idea was to show the concept of wasting time, making the audience feel uncomfortable and confused. When we analysed our piece we thought of some improvements such as: * Putting a screen at the back of the room with facts that could have occurred while watching such as deaths per minute or second. ...read more.


The performance ends with a song which we wrote about how her life has changed but the scares will not. We wrote words and Anna wrote music and we put it together to create our final song. When we watched our group performance back we noticed many things. * We were very disciplined for example when creating the ambulance, we worked together and was able to do it very well and made it look good. * In the song "Yesterday" we started to loose the timing and we sang the song too slow. * During the dance, we were very focused throughout, although we need to time the strobe light better to make it more effective, as it doesn't always work. * The classroom scene needs to be stronger, louder and clearer. * When watching the interview scenes we could see the contrast in characters foe example we had Craig who gave us the story how it was, Pete who was very angry, Helen who was guilty and then Alex brought some comedy to it but didn't really tell us anything. * People who were doing the news reports during the song should maybe come forward and speak louder, or we should whisper "your life will" instead of singing. ...read more.

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