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Provide music for an audio-visual event called `The Killer Element'. We have been allowed to choose any genre of music but it needs to be based around an element of our choice (air, earth, fire, water). We will be doing this on Cubase SX.

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The Killer Element Task 1: Pre-production In teams we have been asked to provide music for an audio-visual event called `The Killer Element'. We have been allowed to choose any genre of music but it needs to be based around an element of our choice (air, earth, fire, water). We will be doing this on Cubase SX. Our element: Air Roles In my group of three I had Tina and Dan Firman. Dan's role was to do the clean intro guitars and bass and also the midi drums. He was also in charge of recording. Tina was with us for two weeks but then stopped turning up to the class. She never really did much to the track apart from setting up our file in Cubase. My role was to play the heavy guitar parts, the guitar solo, bass lines, midi parts and the main writer of the song. Dan and myself decided together about FXs. Mixing and arrangement of the track. Responsibilities Dan and myself both made it our main responsibility to save after each critical part, for instance after a good take or when we felt necessary. Dan also had to make sure drums were in perfect time and quintized and make sure all parts linked well and were edited properly. I was the main songwriter and was responsible for guitars being in tune and for making sure we kept to our plan and that the equipment and save folder was set-up properly and put away properly. ...read more.


We also used some Cubase FXs (Flanger, reverb, delay) by choosing the FXs panel and assigning FXs. Task 3: Mixing and post-production o Set volumes in Cubase o Panned in Cubase o Added a few FXs (reverb, snare, s/guitar) o Slight E.Q o Import WAV file into sound forge o Remove DC effects o Added slight E.Q. o Normalise loudness by 20db o Added fade out to end of song Once post-production was finished we used Roxio easy CD creator to burn the CD. Task 4 27.1: Before using midi computer systems you must make sure the computer is switched on at the mains. You must also check the auxiliary mixer is switched on. Once you have done this you can turn the computer on by pressing the power button. When the computer has loaded up then you can load Cubase SX by either clicking the icon on the tool bar or by clicking the start button and finding on the panel. When Cubase is loaded you can choose which type of seeing you want. We chose a default setting, then we set our first midi channel by right clicking and selecting a midi track and then started recording. 27.2: The skills I used in this project were: midi, mixing, setting FXs and audio. I also used plugging the equipment together and assigning the audio equipment to Aux-2 so that allowed me to record. ...read more.


This music can be diverse and of a varied style. It needs to be based on an element- our element being air. We did our work in Cubase SX using guitars, basses, midi devices and sound FXs to try to create our element in the metal style. We used Cubase to do some panning and used E.Q. to turn our file into a WAV file and imported into sound forge to do some other adjustments before we recorded it to CD. The CD was given to the media students to create a video to go with a 'killer' theme! 45.3: To manage the production part Dan and myself shared all the recordings. Dan did the clean guitars and the bass line which went with it and the drums and editing. I did the distorted guitars, bass lines, the FXs which went on the guitars and planned what we would do each week. I also managed the midi parts. 45.4: In the post production stage we set all the volumes of the instruments, did the panning, added some complimentary guitar FXs - then cut down to three minutes - and added slight EQ in Cubase. Then we turned the file into a WAV file, imported it to sound forge. We removed the DC offsets, added a bit more EQ to the highs. Next we normalized loudness by 20 db, then added a fade out to the end. Finally we recorded onto a CD using Roxio easy CD creator to burn to CD. Kieran Gibb ...read more.

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