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Psychology courseworkintroduction

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Psychology coursework introduction No matter where we are, or what we are doing, music is usually all around us, in shops, clubs, and pubs, and on the streetson the streets and even in the school classroom. Although music is studied as a subject in schools, it is also used in other lessons to increase the concentration and learning of pupils. Jane Polack(1997), investigated this idea and concluded that particular types of music in classrooms aided and improved recall, concentration, creative thinking, memories, imagination and language. The type of music played may affect recall and intended task performance. For example the solemn music played in churches is said to induce the mood of worship and Folk music played in the early 19th century was also said to lighten up the mood of labourers enabling them to work longer hours and in turn earn more money.(. (The Waverley book of knowledge).Spiritualists have also suggested that music affects ones mood and that if you want a fast heart beat and an adrenaline rush (then fast paced music is best whereas if you want to relax then slow paced music is best. ...read more.


hearing music or being sung to as a baby can be very beneficial and that babies bought up hearing music are more likely to build more brain connections and have better spatial pathways, enabling them to learn more effectively. When a baby or a young child listens to music, especially classical music, supposed spatial path ways are turned on and ready to be used to remember and learn more as the infant grows. Also the use of classical music, such as Mozart and Bach is said to be more complex and interesting, and babies as young as three months can recognize rhythms that they heard from the womb. The Georgia research group also found that young children who play musical instruments have improved cognitive task performance of up to 30% and a better memory. It has also be come apparent that memory recall be dependent on the environment where it was learnt, this is known as state dependent learning. Godden and Baddley's 1975 study investigated deep sea divers who were presented lists of words on the beach and 15 feet below under water. ...read more.


The participants were then shown a picture using a projector and asked to study it for thirty seconds. The picture was then taken away. Participants were then asked to complete a questionnaire which tested the short term memory recollections of the picture. Kirkweg's results showed that the white noise had the least errors and that Haydns music produced the most false memories. The heavy metal music by Metallica had no significant effect.(http://clearinghouse.mwse.edu/manuscripts/230) As shown by many studies, music aids the storage and recall of information. Based on current information, the following experiment will examine how music affects the recall of sixth form students. Three conditions will be used, in which either Mozart, heavy metal music or no music (white sound) will be played. Memory recall will be tested using lists of 20 words all with no emotional meaning. Results will drawn up, and the more words recalled correctly will analysed against the condition they were leant in. A suggested hypothesis is that recall of words will be better with the background music of Mozart, and not so good with heavy metal music. The null hypothesis is that the Mozart, heavy metal, and no musicwhite sound will have no significant differences. Rebecca Ridley ...read more.

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