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Short Story

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Short Story It's final. Completely planned. I'm going to Sarah's, Sarah is at Amy's, Amy is at Jenna's and Jenna is at mine. We'll never get caught, never. We are going out, not just out, I mean out, tonight. And, as far as my mum is concerned, I'm at a cosy little sleepover with my friends at Sarah's house. She knows her parents, so they'll be no questions. I walk out of the door. 'Bye Mum,' I say, very innocently. 'Bye love, have a great time.' The door shuts. 'I sure will mum,' I whisper quietly under my breath. I check my watch, 7:00, exactly on time. As I walk down the path, I turn to wave to my little sister who is at the window. She isn't feeling very well at the moment, she has one of those stomach-aches that little kids get all the time. She had just started throwing up as I left though; thank God I'm out of there. ...read more.


'Okay, bye' 'Bye' we all say together, walking out of the door. As we get to the end of the road, the taxi was already waiting. We clamber in. 'Where to ladies? Having a night out are we?' the driver says with a sarcastic tone in his voice. 'Town please' states Jenna. 'We're already in town love, can you be a little more specific?' the taxi driver is taking us for a joke now. 'The town centre then please' We drive off; our voices fill the taxi with conversation of hopes, expectations and gossip. As we walk round the town, we look for young people, the type dressed similar to us. We spot some within seconds and follow them. They head for a club called republic, it has signs saying 'Gatecrasher Event' all over it, in every space that they could put one. We join the queue, not being able to see the queue from our place, we don't know the length of the line and so we wait. ...read more.


'It cheap tonight' the overweight, spotty barman informed me, 'Want a double?' 'Sure.' I thought I might as well, as it was cheap. Tired after dancing, we sat down at the only empty table in a corner, very close to some quiet, pale boys. 'WOW, look at her!' exclaimes Sarah as a girl on the dance floor looked a little too excited, exaggerating all her moves and dancing so fast, like it was her last chance ever. We watch her for a few minutes, before turning back to our drinks. We finish them and head back towards the dance floor. I am feeling very active and so I dance like there was no tomorrow, but soon felt thirsty. I order a large water and gulp it down and another two with it. My head started to hurt a bit, getting worse by the minute. I check my phone for messages. I had one. From Mum! Taking Alex to Hospital. Appendicitis. Ring you ASAP. My phone buzzes. I feel dizzy. I answer my phone. 'Mum' 'I JUST RANG SARAH'S!' I black out. 'WHERE ARE YO...' I fall unconscious on to the floor. ...read more.

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