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Similarities and differences between 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? And 'The Weakest Link'.

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Similarities and differences between 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? And 'The Weakest Link'. There are both similarities and differences between the two quiz shoes, they both have the basic format of a quiz show, the entertain, excite and amuse us which is a very basic formula for any good television program, however, they are dissimilar in many other ways. The similarities between 'Millionaire' and 'Weakest Link' could be found in most quiz shows they cover such things as the colourful, spacious sets; the centre stage for playing; the live audience and their positioning; flashing lights; electronic screens and last but not least the presenter. Conversely the similarities are just through the content, it is the way that 'Millionaire' and 'Weakest Link' comprise these ingredients that give them their individuality. This begins with the opening sequence, 'Millionaire' opens with darkness, out of that darkness a bright light is drawn in the shape of a question mark, this symbolises the question 'Who wants to be a millionaire?' this is shortly followed by a pan of a broad range of people, from all races and backgrounds, illustrating the fact that it could be anyone becoming the 'Millionaire'! ...read more.


These qualities both make for good viewing from the audiences point of view, within each show there is audience participation, just in their own way. With 'Millionaire' the audience can vote, when asked, for their opinion of what they think is the right answer. 'The Weakest Link', or Robinson, uses the audience in a less direct way, she uses them to assist her in the humiliation of the contestants, they laugh along to the sometimes cruel remarks about the intelligence or lack of it, of the contestants. They are both examples of how each show uses the audience to carry across the theme behind each show, in 'Weakest Link' they are used to weaken the contestants and in 'Millionaire' they are used to establish the idea that anyone could be the millionaire, one of the audience who answered the question correctly could have won the money for that question if only they had applied. The key to keeping an audience entertained it bright lights and shiny things, both shows have some from each category. 'Millionaire' has a floor lined with mirrored glass strips and an array of lights, from spots to lasers and the combination provides ample amusement. ...read more.


Stage two the music turns serious, the money jumps up in larger steps now so to respond to this, the music is deeper and more theatrical, and at the end of the questions, when an answer is given, the ending to the music is four bass-line beats which create the sensation of danger and tension. Once you reach stage three the music is slightly louder and the atmosphere is heightened by the sound of a heartbeat, this is supposed to represent the feeling of tension and fear in the contestant and adds to the excitement, once the contestant reaches this level the money is at life changing levels, the future of that person could be in the hands of the next question. In summary the ingredients of a good quiz show are found in both 'Millionaire' and 'Weakest Link' but they both have more than that, they are both unique. One offers to make somebody a millionaire, the other could send somebody into a spiral of depression; however, they are great to watch no matter the outcome. The presenter, the lighting and the sound are just a fraction of what goes into making these shows but it just gives an incite to how much planning and thinking is involved and how they are used to affect the viewer in so many different ways. ...read more.

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