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The Beatles have come to be known as one of the most influential bands in history. In their short time together as a band, they garnered many firsts in the music industry.

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The Beatles have come to be known as one of the most influential bands in history. In their short time together as a band, they garnered many firsts in the music industry. Today I will be discussing several of their innovations and prove why they have remained so popular. First of all I will deal with their performances; secondly, I will talk about their work in the recording studio, and thirdly, the popularity of their music. Let?s begin with a look into The Beatles performances. From an early stage in their career, The Beatles enjoyed mass popularity. They were used to performing in small clubs and later moving into theaters. As their popularity grew they needed to seek out larger venues. So with that, they were the first band to move from theaters into stadiums. In this venue there would be much more room for the fans to be able to see them perform. Their concert at New York?s Shea Stadium alone held 55,000 people. Of course with this many fans screaming at once the music was seldom even heard through the primitive sound systems of the time. They knew the audience wasn?t hearing them and would resort to a lot of goofing around on stage. ...read more.


This feedback was an interesting sound to the band and so they worked to purposely reproduce the sound on tape. It was then used as the opening for their song ?I Feel Fine?. Another innovation of theirs was also found by accident. According to John, he mistakenly put the tape reels of their recording in the machine backwards. When he pushed play he liked what he heard. John asked if it could be recorded that way and of course it could be. So this first use of backwards music, or back masking, can be heard toward the end of the song ?Rain? when the first line of the song is repeated in reverse. They would continue to use this effect on later albums as well. The Beatles were not only influenced by accidents in the studio but also by the sounds created by other instruments. George Harrison had been introduced to Indian music by a friend. After becoming interested in the music, he purchased a sitar which is an Indian stringed instrument. One day while working on a song, the band felt that it needed a little something. George then brought out his sitar and began to pick out the correct notes to the song and now the beginning of the song ?Norwegian Wood? contains the first use of sitar on a pop album. ...read more.


And so, in June of 1967, ?Sgt. Pepper?s Lonely Hearts Club Band? was released. This would mark the first creation of what is known as a concept album. This is where all the songs on an album work together to form a single concept. In this case the record is of a band giving a concert for the listener. Since The Beatles first came on the scene in the early sixties there have been many people that have tried to follow in their footsteps. Some of them have had success themselves while others were never heard from again. As you have heard, The Beatles were great innovators in the music world. This was achieved in their music, in their performances, and also in their popularity. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that they have done to become as famous as they are. Many of the techniques they used in recording their music are taken for granted today. What were once accidents in the studio for them are now easily duplicated on record with modern technology. When we think of modern rock music we must surely thank the Beatles for their contributions, because without them, much of the music we listen to today would not be around for us to enjoy. ...read more.

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