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The club - The streetlights had just started to glow down on the bustling crowds of cars flashing by. The night was humid as I walked alongside the open fronted cafes.

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Ryan Stripe 10C The club The streetlights had just started to glow down on the bustling crowds of cars flashing by. The night was humid as I walked alongside the open fronted cafes. I could taste the sweet smelling perfume on the tip of my tongue, as I walked briskly passed the warm and vibrant restaurants. I was drawing closer to my friends shore side villa. All I had to do was try to cross the raging road. There was an opening so I hastily crossed. I knocked on the door, for Steve. There was no reply. This was unusual for him because he was usually an active guy around the house. I could hear music thumping from his second floor, so I shouted out for him from below. "Hi Alan" he said, as he managed to pop his head out of the window. "What are you doing up there you got me worried. Come down and open the door! Then I don't have to shout," I said. He closed the door and rushed downstairs like lightning. "You told me to come around tonight so what are we going to?" ...read more.


Steve ordered two `Tequila Sunrises'. I downed them in a flash, and it went straight to my head. My heart was thumping like a drum with all the clubbing music. My eyes started to water as the room filled up with smoke; if there had been any more I think I would have needed to pay a visit to the doctor! The night passed extremely slowly and it was about as much fun as watching Barcelona Vs. Fulham, sorry, I'm still English. Steve was obviously having fun I saw him go up to the bar for a drink at least five times in the space of an hour. I found myself carried by the throng, closer towards the flashing lights, which were reminiscent of Blackpool illuminations, as dancers took up the large space in the centre. This was definitely a worse option, so I fought my way back towards the bar. Steve bought me another couple drinks and I started to feel very light-headed. I became dizzy, the room started to spin. I could vaguely see Steve so I told him, "If you are going to buy me another drink I'll only have a non-alcoholic beverage, O.K?" ...read more.


We came to a halt, it was a traffic jam. That's why I hated Friday nights in Spain. The only good thing about being in the cab was leaving the noise, smoke and strobe lights behind. I fell back into the soft black leather seat, and my body slumped into a relaxed posture. The grey haired elderly cab driver talked incessantly, but I was not listening. I was far too weary to even reply. It looked like it would be a long night ahead but at least I could rest my tired aching limbs even if this might be in a noisy casualty. I finally arrived at the hospital. I asked at the admissions desk which ward Steve might be on. The elderly lady behind the desk replied, "He's been admitted to ward B7 which is a medical unit" luckily for me the receptionist spoke good English. Steve looked pale and weak and was obviously sleeping off the effects of the alcohol. A kind nurse came up to me and offered me a visitor's bed, which I gratefully accepted. As I said earlier this was undoubtedly the best nights sleep I have had in Spain, even though my best friend was in hospital and things did not quite turn out as I had expected. ...read more.

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