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The Effect of Music on Performance of a Task.

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The Effect of Music on Performance of a Task Abstract - The aim of this study was to see whether music affected performance of a task. This was based on similar previous research by Mayfield and Moss (1989). Twenty participants were selected aged 16-17 by opportunity sampling. The method was to conduct a maths test with ten participants doing it with music and ten without music. It was hypothesised that there would be a significant difference between fast music and no music from the results participants got from their maths test results. A two-tailed Mann-Whitney U test at a significance level of p=0.05 revealed the null hypothesis was rejected and the experimental hypothesis was accepted. The data suggested showed that having fast music worsened your performance of the task and having no music improved the performance of the task. From the results achieved further research could focus on issues such as different types of music such as reggae or classical music affecting the performance of a task. Introduction - It can be said that social influence describes how other people who are surrounded by us can cause us to carry out different actions which was discovered by Tripplett in his first social influence experiment conducted in 1898. ...read more.


The students who listened to the Mozart sonata averaged a more increase in their IQ as compared to the average of the students who had listened to the relaxation tape or who had experienced silence. The increase in IQ of the Mozart group was transitory, lasting only about the time it took to take the test from ten to fifteen minutes. The results indicated that pupils showed no difference indicating that music had no effect. In the experiment Stough et al carried out the quality of work rather than the performance was concentrated on. The researcher adapted the same aims as Stough et al but with slightly different procedures. Instead of IQ test a maths test was done and the music also changed to modern day pop. This was so that the experiment could be conducted easily. Much of the original procedures were changed so the researcher decided not to rely on the same outcome of results as Stough et al. The researcher expected the results to go either way e.g. test scores improve or worsen Aims - To investigate the effect of whether music played during a maths test will improve or worsen the results. ...read more.


They were aged between 16-17 and of single sex females. An opportunity sample was used. There were 20 people allocated 10 from each school. This ensured a representative sample as everyone was chosen from the same maths set so that they all had the same mathematical abilities. Apparatus/materials - Materials consists of participant's 10 maths questions on one sheet of A4 paper, a response sheet, and a set of standardised instructions will be provided for each participant. Stereo player, and stopwatch and a CD (see Appendix 2) Music: Artist: Sean Paul Track name: Get busy Album: Dutty Rock Track number: 5 Standardised procedure - The first ten participants were chosen and they went into an empty classroom where participants were not disturbed. Facing downwards was their maths test questions, response sheet and standardised instructions, and a pencil. The participants were told to sit down in silence and not to write their name down on their paper for ethical reasons. The music was played fast and they were then told to start the experiment. After five minutes the participants were asked to stop writing and to hand their results into the researcher. Throughout the experiment there was no conferring allowed. The next ten participants took part in the same experiment but without music, as they were the control. See appendix 4 for de-briefing. ...read more.

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