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The Importance of licensing and royalties in the music industry

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Miss Hewitson Aoife Captain The importance of licensing and royalties in the music industry ________________ In this essay I will be writing about the importance of licensing and royalties in the sound and music industry explaining what they each are and why it is so important to have them in place. I will be using examples to back up my findings. When someone is a composer and has written a lot of songs, getting into music licensing can be very important to receive a significant profit. Licensing is when for example if a film or show on TV like a song they will ask for the licensed use of the copyrighted music to insure that the owners of the music are compensated for certain uses of their work. ...read more.


Print rights and royalties is a royalty paid to a songwriter when their music is published as sheet music. Companies such as PRS (Performing Right Society) in the UK are very important to songwriters, artists and publishers to sign up to because that is the best way to receive full royalties for any of their music. PRS for Music licenses its members' musical works whenever they are played, performed or reproduced both in the UK and globally through its partner network. As soon as a writer submits a song to PRS they get royalties from whenever their music is played. PRS finds out who needs to pay for the rights to play a song, PRS get 20% of whatever money is made and the rest goes to the submitter of the song. ...read more.


It enables them to decide how their work can be used by others. If someone owns the copyright in a piece of music or a song it means they are the only person who can adapt, reproduce, distribute, perform or broadcast, for example, on the Internet, the work without permission. If someone else wants to do any of these things to the person?s pieces of work then they have to obtain permission from the original person who created the piece of work and pay a royalty fee which boosts the person who wrote the songs income. I licensing and royalties were not in place then there would be lots of legal battles on who owns the rights of songs and who should get paid when the songs are played etc and who gets what percentage of the royalties. ...read more.

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