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The Spinstresss nightingale - CriticalAnalysis

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The Spinstress's nightingale CriticalAnalysis Original Der Spinnerin Nachtlied Es sang vor langen Jahren Wohl auch die Nachtigall, Das war wohl s��er Schall, Da wir zusammen waren. Ich sing' und kann nicht weinen, Und spinne so allein Den Faden klar und rein So lang der Mond wird scheinen. Als wir zusammen waren Da sang die Nachtigall Nun mahnet mich ihr Schall Da� du von mir gefahren. So oft der Mond mag scheinen, Denk' ich wohl dein allein. Mein Herz ist klar und rein, Gott wolle uns vereinen. Seit du von mir gefahren, Singt stets die Nachtigall, Ich denk' bei ihrem Schall, Wie wir zusammen waren. Gott wolle uns vereinen Hier spinn' ich so allein, Der Mond scheint klar und rein, Ich sing' und m�chte weinen. Clemens Brentano, 1802 Original Version, German Translation The Spinstress's nightingale It sang long years ago No doubt the nightingale, That was no doubt sweet sound, Because we were together. I sing and cannot cry, And spin so alone The yarn clear and pure As long as the moon keeps shining. When we were together The nightingale sang Now her sound warns me That you have left me. As much as the moon may shine, I am thinking of only you. My heart is clear and pure, My god reunite us. ...read more.


starts to sing again, meaning a reuniting. The fourth stanza is a continuation of the second and with the moon still shining, it reflects how the narrator will stay lonely and how her life is monotone. In her despair she prays to god, asking him to reunite her with her beloved one. Relating to the first and third stanza, the fifth talks about the nightingale and how the spinstress always has to think about her lost partner when hearing its sound. In the sixth stanza the prayer to god is still relevant, enhancing the loneliness due to the moon symbol. In the last line the narrator may be willing to let go since she is asking to be able to cry, which would be a sign of emotional processing. After having portrayed the actual apparent content of the poem, I would like to decipher the meaning of the text and thus interpret it. To be able to understand the message behind the poem we have to firstly look at the time pan it was written in. As already stated above, the romantic lyrics approach an understanding of the world and human beings from a different angle, in a tumultuous, emotional kind of way. Romantic poems comprehend a variety of similar symbols and styles representing typical indications for the romantic era. ...read more.


I have noticed that the romantic period does not necessarily talk about love, happiness and affection but was actually a form of assimilating a new and very difficult situation during the time of industrialization and social change. Romantic poetry is relatively easy to identify since typical symbols (as described in the analysis) are found in every text of that time and the motives of dullness, striving, longing and the fantastical are covered throughout many poems. The poem "Der Spinnerin Nachtlied" has given me a clear idea about what the romantic poets were aiming at and trying to express. Personally, when I read the poem I felt the sadness and dolefulness. The tone and mood is very well communicated in the structure and the language and even without analyzing it, just by reading it the first time, the reader 'feels' what the author intended to comprise in his words. At the end of the poem I wanted to know how it would continue, whether the spinstress would really never find true love again or whether there was more to the loss than a break-up - maybe a death? Her praying to god really illustrates her despair and this feeling affects the readers' emotions as well. Moreover, I liked the fact that the structure was organized with a well balanced distribution of syllables, rhymes and tones because I personally dislike disarranged poetry for some themes like love and grief. ...read more.

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