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The ultimate question is where will music be in the future? As todays society is vastly growing with new advances in technology its hard to depict where music is headed in the future.

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MUSIC IN THE FUTURE- Pamela Azzi The ultimate question is where will music be in the future? As today's society is vastly growing with new advances in technology it's hard to depict where music is headed in the future. From the past to the present it's substantial to say that we have already come a long way since Gregorian chants and church modes. However it seems as though technology has in other word become the 'figured bass' that structures most 21st century compositions. The concept of music technology is intertwined with the concept of being both musically and technologically creative. As people are always constantly striving to find ways to derive new forms of expression through music, they therefore mechanically create new devices to enable them to do so. For example such genres of music such as House, Electronic and Dance are all derived purely on the fundamental grounds of mechanical software. Without technology there wouldn't be the invention of the Keyboard or the Electric Guitar (which is used as a core instrument for 'Heavy Metal' and 'Rock' genres. ...read more.


However the problem with the exceeding amount of musicians making their own records so easily is that it presents an enormous amount of competition, as there are now millions of records that a consumer can buy. Therefore there's always going to be a need to push and influence consumers to purchase records through the use of personal advertisement of websites such as MySpace and YouTube. Although it is an amazing change that music can now be available to everyone, the question remains that if the next Mozart is soon to be discovered, would he just be lost in the crowd with the other million composers? The downfall of technology is that people take it for granted by the use of illegal music downloads which causes piracy and doesn't give the composer/musician their creditability for their compositions. Some of the main reasons why people use illegal music downloads are because they want an MP3 format without any copy protection. Some people find that it's convenient to listen to what you want when you want and also find that buying the CD's (Compact Disc) ...read more.


also considered to be a musician? A DJ's career is build around the technological aspect of mixing recorded music together to create electronic tunes at parties in today's society. The Baroque Dance suites have all be disregarded at parties and replaced by DJ's who mix together popular tunes. The term musician has been altered and compositions have been changed into technological sounds disregarding major and minor keys and moving into a society built around the ideology of electronically tunes. Overall it seems that technology has already played a significant role in music for today's society. In order to evaluate where the future in music is headed, it is important to recall the history of music. Throughout the history of music from the Ancient era to today's society it is evident that music was always gradually growing because new infrastructure and the technology available. Music has always been developing due to new ideologies presented in each period of the past, such as Medieval (450-1450) church modes to 20th Century minimalism, to possible 21st Century electronic tunes. Therefore it is clearly evident to say that as long as people have a passion and drive for music there will continue to expand due to the influences of technology. ...read more.

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