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Victoria Beckham's Diary.

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Parodic Writing Victoria Beckham's Diary. When I woke up this morning to hear my little baby Romeo crying it made me think bout when I was like little and I weren't famous. Life was well hard and there was no1 there for me! What kept me going was my dance. I used to luv 2 dance and I still do cos I can like express myself and show how meaningful I can be, through my movement. During my dance lessons and @ clubs we were told that we had to loose wait. I suppose that it where my next major problem in my life started. Anorexia the thing that would change me forever. It made me into a stick and nearly killed me. But like, I realised that my family were still here to help me and teach me. They wanted me to live and so did my friends! ...read more.


Due to my acne scars from when I was a teenager I had to have my cover-up and foundation! I loved the days of the Spice Girls! They were my other sisters. But the trauma I went through when Geri left was horrific! I couldn't cope again! Then I found David. I know I say it loads and he ain't gonna read this but I luv him! But the truth about the Spice girls which I would never tell anyone! I was getting overshadowed (log word WOW) and I'm better off on my own! Pursuing my solo career has let me expand my music to more in-depth and like interesting points + I got to do some writing which was great cos I could express myself even more! I feel expressing yourself is one of the most important things. I mean my book "Learning to Fly" shows all the troubles I went through as an adolescent. ...read more.


luv. Content My aim for describing Victoria was to add to her lack of intelligence and show how self-centred she is. This was done by all the paragraphs talking about her life history and her life at the present. Victoria Beckham has had problems with acne and anorexia, which caused her major inconvenience, and by adding them I felt it showed that she is also a normal person with regular teenage problems and that she did have to do something for her fame. She lived in a house for a few years with the other members of the spice girls to fulfil dreams. Which even if you do not like the music I find admirable. Victoria Beckham's life has hardly been easy and by thinking about all she has been through I find that she has lead one of the most interesting lives out of almost all people. Yet there are many points about her that are criticisable. E.g. her lack of intelligence, she cannot sing well, and is not a particularly good mother. So again proving she is more normal than it appears. ...read more.

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