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6 week action plan to improve a footballer's heading skills.

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After spectating and analysing the play of this player I found that his main weakness is his heading. To improve this I have created a 6 week action plan for him that should hopefully help him with his heading. Week 1 In the first week of this action plan the striker should first do some basic heading drills before trying to do more advance heading skills. The drills involve jumping headers which are basically jumping for the ball in the air as if you were going up in the air for a challenge, punch headers which are just fast bullet headers which involves a lot of power and acceleration in the neck. And lastly running headers which are when you run for the ball that has been thrown in front of you in the air and attack it. ...read more.


By doing this he should get someone preferably with a long through to go on to the touch line and he will be standing in line with the 6 yard box from the touchline. He will then throw the ball into the penalty box which then the striker will attack and head for goal. To head this ball he should use some of the techniques that he had done doing the drills depending were the ball will be. For example if the ball is thrown high he should bend his legs so that he will have more power to jump when the ball comes to him and then attack it in mid-air. If he is getting the hang of it the thrower could stand in line with the 18 yard box and repeat this method so that the striker can improve his heading accuracy by being further away from the goal. ...read more.


He should constantly be on the move when in position for a corner so his marker won't be able to keep up with him as the marker has to watch the ball and the striker at the same time which is very difficult which gives the striker an advantage. When the corner has been taken the striker should then anticipate where the ball will arrive and depending on how high or low the ball is coming in at he should position himself so that he will be able to make good contact with the ball. Week 6 In week six the striker should repeat this process from week 1 onwards again to see if he has progressed in his heading abilities. If he hasn't improved the striker should keep on repeating this action plan until his heading has dramatically improved. Or if he feels confident enough he could put this practice into a friendly game to see if there has been and progress in the last six weeks. ...read more.

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