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A brief History about football ,Plymouth Argyle business

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A brief History about football Football began in England in 1863, when football and ruby were the same, until football branched off away from ruby, this was when the first football association was founded. Back then numbers of players was unlimited and there weren't any rules, players could do anything to get hold of the ball, this included killing one another. This was called Shrovetide football which is still played today however it is not a brutle as it was many centuries ago. There wasn't much progress at all in the development in football for hundreds of years. Althought the game was banned for 500 years, because of how violent and disorganised the sport had become. It wasn't until the 19th century when football started to change, when football became a custom in schools particularly in the famous public schools. This was the turning point in football, and how the game has became what is is today. Plymouth Argyle Football club was founded in 1886, and the club turned professional in 1903, the grounds in which they play in are called Home park, which can hold up to 20,922 people, and in december 2006 the club then bought the stadium from Plymouth city council for �2.7million. Football structure FIFA UEFA Uk government department Uk government agencies National sports and funding agencies FA South west association Argyle Funding Plymouth argyle has lots of sponsors that helps fund the team from year to year. ...read more.


Plymouth argyle has there own website run by the fans for the fans where they can get all the latest gossip speak to other people online watch clips of the latest games and managers comments on how the team preformed last. This site is also first to get any breaking news to do with Plymouth argyle. Televised games has a big influence on the income profit for the club each season so the better the team does in the cup and the league the more chance there is to be televised by either sky sports or bbc what pays for the rights to televise the teams and helps both teams that our playing out and they get better national publicity and also get paid for there team being televised. Plymouth Argyle has over 70 sponsors this season including coca cola who sponsors the league that Argyle plays in. The money that the sponsors pay to sponsors Plymouth Argyle gets used in many different ways from helping with the everyday running of the club to team transport, players wages, ground maintenance, and better facilities within the club for the fans and the players. The sponsors get a board around the ground advertising there company and some times get a mention at half time and some times get a few free tickets to a selected home game. p3. Employment Plymouth Argyle has many people employed behind the scenes that helps keep the club day to day running run smoothly. ...read more.


Plymouth argyle has a football in the community manager who is Mark Rivers, community assistant manager who is Debbie Lake, assistant community officer who is Alec Brenton and two development officers who is Pete Foxwell and Richard Trewin. However Plymouth Argyle also has a disability liaison officer called Barry hardman who makes sure people with disabilities get chance to do the same as everyone else and make sure they get treated fairly when at home park. The media involving Plymouth Argyle can be good or bad depending on how the team is doing, if there on a up or a down the media sources such as local newspapers national newspapers, radio stations and TV. and websites all pick up on it and usually have their say on the situation. some times this can be good for them club like when doing really well in the league or cups as brings more people attention to how they are doing or any good news involving the club. But there is also a down side that comes with media and that's the unwanted media when the club isn't doing so well on or off the pitch. Plymouth Argyle has its own webpage called www.pafc.premiumtv.co.uk where it tells you the ins and the outs of the club and the people involved with the club and what their roles are, and near enough anything that you could want to know about the club. Plymouth Argyle also sells programmes at every home game witch is full of information about the teams, pictures of players, player facts, the match day sponsors and anything interesting involving Plymouth argyle. ...read more.

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