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A coach should:

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Rolls of Lesley Dixon, National Netball Coach * Manager- Lesley Dixon has to pick members of her squad for the match team * Coach- Lesley Dixon has to train the squad to get them up to match fitness and teach them skills * Team Leader- Lesley has to set an example to players and has to supervises them during training Skills of Lesley Dixon, National Netball Coach * Be concerned primarily with the well being, safety, and protection of her players. * Take all reasonable steps to establish a safe working environment. * Be punctual at all training sessions, matches and meetings. * Be responsible for planning, co-ordinating, delivering and evaluating the sessions. * Ensure that all she does is in keeping with the regular and approved practice of England Netball. * Attend appropriate England Netball coaching courses and hold at least the Level 1 Coach Award before coaching alone. * Be responsible for regularly seeking ways of increasing her personal and professional development. * Accept responsibility for a player's behaviour when in a sporting environment. * Display high personal standards in code of dress, health, cleanliness. * Be equitable and fair to all players. * Well disciplined and dose not tolerate bad play Techniques of Lesley Dixon, National Netball Coach * Be responsible for setting and monitoring the boundaries between the player and the coach. ...read more.


* Mrs Hyams will check for health and safety hazards before allowing us to play a match * Mrs Hyams teaches young people and has a lot of patience Comparison The national England Netball coach Lesley Dixon does not have to organise matches or transport because the league it self sorts them details out. Mrs Hyams on the other hand has to contact other local teams and sort out matches and tournaments, and means of transport for hers players, which can be stressful and time consuming. When Lesley Dixon has picked her team for a match from her squad she then tells the Netball associate, who then inform the players and provide them with information. When Mrs Hyams has picked the team, she then has to go and find them to tell them. She then has to provide them with fixtures that she has done herself. Lesley Dixon has to has alot netball coaching experience having spent 8 years with Hertfordshire County and later as manager for the England FENA U17 team. This much experience has enabled Lesley to teach netball at a national standard. Where as Mrs Hyams has a level one coaching qualification and no other netball coaching experience. ...read more.


Most of netball team see Mrs Hyams more as a friend than a netball coach. This can sometime lead to a lack of concentration from the players, because we do not see her as an authoritive figure. To improve this Mrs Hyams could be disciplined, which would inevitable cause the team to be more focused. Although Mrs Hyams netball team, who she has coached since year seven have gone on to win the district tournament four years running. This shows Mrs Hyams dedication and hard work as well as the teams. There are not a lot of things Lesley Dixon could do to improve her netball coaching ability. One thing she could do is make netball more publicised so more people start to take notice of netball. This is because to be at a national coaching standard you need to be fully focused and qualified. These qualities are what makes a good coach and can't be faulted. Although Lesley Dixon's team have recently failed to pass the test matches against Jamaica. Both types of netball coaches from national standard to school standard have to be knowledgeable about the game in order to lead and coach it to members of the team. The two different coaches have the same principle of coaching which is to teach the game, but have very different responsibilities. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kayleigh Marie Mills ...read more.

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