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A-Level Physical Education Personal Portfolio

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A-Level Physical Education Personal Portfolio This form will provide you with a template on which you can produce your Personal Performance Portfolio. You will need to produce one of these documents for each of the topics you will study. You should complete all details on this sheet and add your response in the section at the bottom. Click into the relevant box and enter the details required. For your response click at the line below "Candidate's Response" and either type your text, or copy and paste from another document. Once you have completed, or part completed, this form you must save it onto you area of the network on G:\ drive so that you can carry on with it. When finished you should print one copy for your teacher to mark. Candidate's Response: I decided to do basketball as my activity. ...read more.


I didn't think smell; taste or Kinesthesis could affect me throwing a basketball so I didn't try any tests for those senses. How My Senses Affected My Performance No Senses Changed When I had nothing to affect how I shot, I scored 4 out of 5 baskets. This is because I am not 100% accurate, as I don't practise a lot. Only lack of practise affected my performance. Touch Changed - Gloves On When I had gloves on the ball was more slippery and I couldn't get a good grip on it. This is why I only got 2 out of 5 baskets. By not wearing gloves when shooting normally I wasn't used to these conditions. The gloves affected my performance quite badly. Sight/Vision Changed - Sunglasses On When I had sunglasses on it was harder to focus on the basketball ring. ...read more.


Which Senses Are Most Important For my game - basketball the most important senses were Vision and touch. Without these working to their ability in normal conditions then I can't perform to my best ability. How Do My Senses Help Me Process Information When I had the gloves on information was picked up that I couldn't grip the ball as easily. This information is stored in the long-term memory as it is relevant information. The next time I shot I could adjust myself slightly as I remembered that I wouldn't get as much grip on the ball. This process is repeated for all the senses. Eventually after repeating the shots in the different conditions I would be able to shoot accurately because my senses picked up the same information over and over again and stored it in the long-term memory. Every time my senses pick up the same information intrinsic feedback is given by the sense Kinesthesis. ?? ?? ?? ?? Greenhead College Page 1 Physical Education Department 2000/2001 Personal Performance Portfolio ...read more.

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