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A look into social exclusion, the barriers women face in terms of participation whilst reflecting on an initiative/case study to prevent this exclusion.

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A look into social exclusion, the barriers women face in terms of participation whilst reflecting on an initiative/case study to prevent this exclusion. In the first part of this assignment there will be a heavy focus on social exclusion and the journey which the topic has travelled, moreover the development of poverty leading to eventual social exclusion. Once this has been defined and discussed, the next section will then go onto look at a particular topic, in this case women in football. It will look at their barriers to participation and difficulties they have encountered in terms of exclusion as well as reflecting on how they are trying to combat it. This will be done by looking at a case study, an initiative which has been set up to try and help make the term 'social exclusion' redundant for women who wish to play football and were previously unable to due to the barriers which will be discussed later. Once the case study has been explained, there will be an evaluation of the particular initiative stating how it could be improved and maybe how other initiatives could be set up to achieve the same ambition. It is essential to firstly introduce the commonly used term social exclusion by defining it. ...read more.


Research has shown that women are paranoid or self conscious about their bodies and the idea of wearing small sports uniforms can put them off. This is ironic as physical activity has a positive effect on their bodies. Lack of role model/media representation As mentioned earlier, there are not many role models in women's football. When the World Cup was being held in America (1999), there was quite extensive coverage of the matches and the most popular player which came out of it was Mia Hann, who for a short while became a household name. In England however, the more well known players, such as, are hardly household names compared to those in the male's game. There is a definite under representation of women in football however this is gradually changing due to individual or groups such as the Women's foundation. Sexual orientation It is a common opinion that women who play sports such as rugby, hockey or football are seen as lesbians. This has originated from the fact that these types of sports are seen as male dominated sports and women who play them are seen as unfeminine. Homophobia is quite common in society, so therefore women who play football keep their sexual orientation quiet. Although these days more females are playing sport, many individuals and even many parents try to avoid their daughters from playing sport as it is seen as unfeminine. ...read more.


will be involved in helping train. As well as Hope Powell (England's women's football coach) * The scheme is well structured and organized, (refer to fig.1, framework). A key part of the project was monitoring the participants' progression, moreover this is clear on the different stages of the initiative. * A wide range of exercises where used to vary the training and to keep the participants interested. The initiative, however, seems to lack in advertisement and marketing, for instance, Active Sports is not as well known as it could potentially be. It seems that the initiative itself it a well thought out, well constructed scheme, which has been organised to every last detail in terms of its target audience, its aims and objectives in terms of increasing participation levels. However it has the potential to increase participation levels even more by efficient marketing. This however does highlight one of the barriers of participation, in which female football/sport is underrepresented in the media, for this to be improved, the sport as a whole is in a need of a increase in popularity, until then, participation levels are going to rise, in complying with Active Sports aims, however until the sport itself can reach the heights of the males games, which seems like a difficult and unrealistic task, participation levels in female football will never increase as much as all the relevant initiatives in the UK want it to. ...read more.

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