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Access to football - grass roots

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CONTENTS * Introduction - Page 2 * Grassroots - Page 3 * Access of football - Page 6 * Conclusion - Page 8 * Appendix - Page 9 * Introduction: My chosen sport is football. I've chosen football because football has always been the people's game. And it is because anyone can play it almost anywhere, all you need is a ball and some friends for a kick about. One of the reasons why football is enjoyed around the world is because the equipment needed is so basic. All you will need are football boots and shin pads, and when joining a team they will have a kit that you may have to contribute to - but that's it! For anyone wanting to play organized football, there are opportunities to take part at different levels right around the country, with around 2000 competitive leagues, and more than 40,000 clubs. Clubs and leagues are affiliated to their County Football Association, which organises football in the local area. The levels of football opportunities available will vary from 5-a-side leagues, played indoor or outdoor, to 11-a-side competitive leagues, played usually on a Saturday and Sunday. ...read more.


It depends on numerous factors; whether your club/ school is successful, or if a scout has spotted you by chance. You would have a higher chance of getting scouted if your team is successful and your league is talented. As you prolong from Primary school football to Academies you will notice changes in equipment, and higher standards, for example; Football Academies: Academies combine the best facilities and training with detailed programmes tailored to the needs of young players, emphasising the need to balance the amount of football played with education and welfare support. Boys can join from as young as nine years old, and throughout their time with the Academy will combine football training with expert tuition, medical provision and educational support, leading to A level standard education for those who are successful in making it through to Scholarship status (for players aged 16-19). Academies have dedicated and fully-qualified staff covering coaching, medical, development, education and welfare. Centres of Excellence: These offer comprehensive programmes to improve and develop young players, under strict guidelines regarding the amount of football played, facilities and access to qualified staff. ...read more.


I'm still waiting for Asian footballers to make the impact that black footballers have made since the early 70s. Also, even though black players are represented at all levels of the game, black and minority ethnic communities are significantly under-represented in all other areas of football: management, refereeing, committees etc Conclusion: I think football is such a great game and now that women have made an impact, as well as ethnics and disabled people, it has become even greater. Football must be open to everyone regardless of their ethnicity and I look forward to the time when we have Asian players and other ethnics playing in the Premier League and competing with the best. This year the women`s world cup got the biggest audience ever for a women's football game ( quoted from euro sport). This shows that women`s football is growing and may eventually be a popular sport for future women all over the world. In conclusion I think football is open to everyone/ or eventually will. Ethnics and all races, as well as both sexes will be able to play football on a professional level. And will have equal respect from all fans, and players alike. Appendix: Sites I have used for information in my coursework; * http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/archivedirs/news/2003/aug/8/N141320030808-1226.html * www.FA.com * www.cfl.info/ * www.Enfield.gov.uk ...read more.

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