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Affects of the Media and Current Issues On Sport.

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AFFECTS OF THE MEDIA AND CURRENT ISSUES ON SPORT Sport coverage in the media using the newspaper industry began in 1822. Bells Life was the first major sport sheet, followed by Sporting Life in 1865. They focused on bringing short but detailed sports results to the public. In time, most daily newspapers began to include sport sections, which brought knowledge and understanding within everbodies grasp, with the opportunity to "see" their sporting heroes with the advancement of photographic technology. The sports reports were generally male dominated focusing on sports such as football, golf, horseracing, rugby, boxing, and cricket. By the 1920s sports reports from the newspapers had created mass audiences for certain sports e.g. baseball in the USA and football in the UK. During the 1920s, radio started to report on live events, which gave the listeners the sense of them actually being at a live event. In time, local radio has developed a useful role in bringing local sporting issues to each area. Radio 5 live devotes a lot of its airtime to sport and sporting issues. Television has brought sport into the living room of most homes in the richest areas of the world. As television has the advantage of broadcasting sporting events to a large audience, relatively cheaply, it is not surprising that sport features heavily on the schedule, especially at the weekends. TV has helped lesser known or rarely watched sports to become more popular. Media can directly influence the popularity of a single sport; for example, when the new channel 4 arrived, volleyball and table tennis were introduced to the schedule. ...read more.


A decentralised political system is one where the administration of government is re-organised into smaller autonomous units such as local authorities in the UK and individual states in the USA. Each area decides its own policies on sport provision and effectiveness of sport in schools. Many sports people see sport as a means of escaping every day life, which is controlled by the government and do not which to see sport controlled except by their own governing, bodies e.g. IOC, FIFA. However, government influence cannot be avoided in some circumstances. Sport has been used for government propaganda purposes, for example the Nazi propaganda in the 1936 Olympic Games, which Hitler used to promote his Nazi ideals. In Russia, the government insisted that a fitness campaign called "Ready for labour and defence" was compulsory for all its citizens and was still operational in the latter half of the 20th century. In our own country, following heavy losses in the Boer war, it was felt that the military was not fit enough and so compulsory fitness exercises was instigated in all state schools in the early 20th century to improve the fitness of the working class. More recently, we can see how politics and sport cannot be separated when the English cricket team pulled out of a group match due to political unrest between Zimbabwe and England. Sport can be used to introduce or reinforce social harmony. By introducing good sporting facilities into areas that have suffered unrest, the government hopes to lure youths to use the facilities wisely in their spare time rather than be involved in anti-social behaviour. ...read more.


Hitler in the Berlin Games of 1936. They can also be an opportunity for opponents to the government to make a political protest when the attention of the world is on the Games. This has often resulted in countries boycotting the Games e.g. in 1972 Rhodesia's invitation to the Munich Games was withdrawn because of apartheid and other countries refused to compete with them. There are positive political reasons why a country would like to host the Olympic Games, as they would bring jobs and world status and recognition to the host country. There would be improved infrastructure, as well as new stadiums for local people, which has happened in Sydney who hosted the 2000 Games. Business opportunities for the commercial sector would be enhanced due to the increased publicity and bring money into the economy. Sponsorship deals would be highly sought after for the athletes. It was a controversial decision to allow China to host the 2008 Games, because many people are not satisfied with the human rights standards in the country due to communism. For the athletes concerned, the chance to compete in the Olympic Games, gives them the opportunity to compete in their sport at the highest possible level and bring increased public recognition to them and their sport. It is also an opportunity to acquire funding through sponsorship deals. On the other hand, athletes could feel under pressure to perform for monitory gain rather than for the pure love of the sport, and the Olympic foundation aims. This could lead to pressure to take drugs, or push themselves to the point of injury. Referencing WESSON-WIGGINS-THOMPSON-HARTIGAN K WESSON N WIGGINS G THOMPSON S HARTIGAN (1998) Sport and PE a complete guide to advanced level study (4th edition) Place of publication: Scotland: Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton Christopher Hammersley 1 ...read more.

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