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Alike, but also different

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Matt Antlitz 12/13/00 Alike, but also different College basketball and professional basketball seasons are beginning this month, and there are many different aspects of each sport that can be compared and contrasted. Which one do most people enjoy watching though? Also, what's the biggest difference between the two sports and their players? Other things such as the shot clock, the three-point line, and the length of the game are also some differences. They also have things in common like, the amount of time in the summer they spend training and the level of intensity the game is played at both levels. Believe it or not, they are they same in many ways. After talking to a friend that tried out for Villanova's basketball team, he said they started working out in August. Almost everyday they ran and lifted weights, and as the season came closer they worked on plays for the games. NBA players also begin training in the summer the same way college players do. ...read more.


On the other hand, college basketball starts on November 20th for the Maryland Terrapins as well as other NCAA Division I schools. The Terps preseason ranking of 5th in the Associated Press poll is the highest since 1972. Many people will be counting down the days until the season begins. One reason a lot of fans enjoy watching college basketball is because of heated rivalries between different schools. Some of these rivalries include, Duke vs. UNC, Connecticut vs. Syracuse, and Maryland vs. Duke or UNC. Also, another aspect of college basketball that makes it more exciting are the tournaments that occur. The preseason NIT, the ACC-Big Ten challenge, the conference tournaments, and the NCAA tournament are the main ones. The other main difference that basketball fans realize, are the way the players perform, and their attitude towards the game. Basketball has become a business. Both college and NBA players are looking for more and more money everyday. Before, playing professional basketball and college basketball for players was for love of the game. ...read more.


Finally, a college player might be given a new role or position on his new team, which makes the transition even more difficult. Overall, to be a NBA player, there are a lot of changes a college player must go through. A good example of this is Trajan Langdon. Two years ago, he was an all-American player for the Duke Blue Devils scoring twenty points a game and knocking down three-pointers with ease. Now he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers and averaged five points a game last year and this season is averaging eight points a game. His role changed as well as many other former college players. College basketball and pro basketball don't have many things in common today, but they used to. Now pro basketball differs greatly from college basketball, along with the players in each sport. As stated before, college basketball is much more exciting and fun to watch then pro basketball is. As the day of November 20th rolls around many basketball fans will be watching the Maryland Terrapins start off their exciting season. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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