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Analysis and improvement of SARAH EVANS in a game of Hockey

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Physical Education Self-Assessment Analysis and improvement of SARAH EVANS in a game of Hockey 1. Make a list of the skills you feel are necessary for your player to produce an effective performance * Dribbling the ball * Good accurate passing * Receiving the ball * Dodging an opponent * Tackling an opponent * Shooting accurately 2. Which of these does she perform well? * Playing in defence so shooting accurately is not appropriate Skill Performed V. well Performedwell Performed not well Performed badly Dribbling * Passing * Receiving * Dodging * Tackling * 3. Which of these skills do you feel has room for improvement? Dribbling the ball and dodging 4. Select ONE of these skills and describe as clearly as you can why it needs to be improved. The player did not, on many occasions perform the skill of dribbling as each time she gained possession from the ball either from her team or a tackle she immediately passed it onto another member of her team. This also means the skill of dodging an opponent was not performed because she did not travel with the ball, but this a skill which will come with the improvement of the other. ...read more.


This is to be done in walk. The practice is kept simple to enable her to improve any basic skills, which they may not have perfected, before moving on to things that are more complex and require skill that is more advanced. You could evaluate if she is making any progress by seeing if she is dribbling the ball in a controlled straight line from one cone to another without falter and a target time could be set for her to meet. The player is progressing when they get nearer the set time as it shows they are performing the skill well. If she can easily accomplish the task in walk then the practice needs to be speeded up, so jogging and eventually running speed. The next step should not be moved on to if she has not accomplished the step she is on to the desired level. Coaching tips for player performing practice * Before you begin the practice, make sure you are gripping the stick correctly. (this might be affecting the quality of your dribbling) ...read more.


As, in the more simple practice, it is to first to be done in walk and then speeded up but each step must be completed to a satisfactory level in evaluation. You could evaluate the player by making sure each step of the practice is completed with good control of the ball, with the ball being manovered successfully, when needed with the reverse side of the stick, all this needs to be done in time. The player is progressing as she gets nearer the set time as it reveals that the skill is being performed well. Coaching tips for the player performing the practice * You must reverse the stick not play with the rounded side. * The reverse stick is achieved by rotating the stick one half turn by loosening the lower hand and rotating the upper hand. * To move the ball around corners quickly using the reverse stick tap sharply to move the ball from left to right. After these practices have been completed, the player should now be able to confidently dribble down the field and dodge away from challenging opponents using the reverse side of the stick. ...read more.

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