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Appraisal of a shoulder injury.

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  • Essay length: 2707 words
  • Submitted: 22/12/2003
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AS and A Level Anatomy & Physiology

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Appraisal of a shoulder injury

1.Anatomy and physiology of the shoulder.

The shoulder joint consists of the head of the humerus which articulates with a shallow socket in the upper part of the scapula the joint is defined as a typical ball and socket joint. A number of muscles attach and run around the joint to provide movement and stability the main structures of the shoulder can be seen in figures 1.1a and 1.1b

Figures 1.1a (left) and 1.1b; (right) main structures at the shoulder joint

In addition to the structures above the shoulder joint has a number of other muscles surrounding and attaching to it. These include the biceps, pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi and a group of muscles termed the rotator cuffs. The rotator cuffs are the subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor muscles which cross the joint to insert into the humerus, thereby also helping to stabilise the shoulder joint. The tendons from the rotator cuff surrounds the capsule and blends with it

Marieb (1998). The number of muscles and their associated tendons surrounding the shoulder offer the major form of support to the joint from the anterior aspect. A further

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