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Arts and entertainment catering - Market Research

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Key Components These components are interrelated because for example you can go to somewhere like the Sports and Leisure centre in Bracknell but also have something to eat there in caf�. The sports and leisure centre is put in the category Sports and physical recreation but the caf� would be placed under catering. Another example would be you could play a game of football in your back garden which would be considered physical recreation but as its at home would also be considered home based leisure. Facility/ Area Industry Component Location Sector Stonehenge Heritage Salisbury Plain Private Norfolk Broads Countryside Recreation Norfolk Public Madame Tussauds Arts and entertainment London Private St Paul's cathedral Heritage London Private Tower of London Heritage London Public Edinburgh Castle Heritage Edinburgh Public Royal National theatre Arts and Entertainment London Private Wembley stadium Arts and Entertainment London Private Giant's Causeway Heritage Northern Ireland Public Hadrians Wall Heritage Borders Public Bisham Abbey Sports and physical Rec. Marlow Private Plas-y-Brenin Countryside Recreation Gwynedd Private National mountain Centre Countryside Recreation Wales Private Twickenham Sports and physical Rec. London Private St Andrew's golf course Sports and physical Rec. Fife Private Alton Towers Arts and entertainment Derbyshire Private Silverstone Sports and Physical Rec. Northampton Private National science Museum Arts and entertainment London Private Arts and Entertainment Facility Sectors Examples Cinema Private Virgin Cinemas, UCI, Showcase, Odeon Cinemas. Theatres and Concert halls Private, Public London Palladium, Barbican Centre, Angles Theatre and art centre, Theatre Royal, Wembley Area. ...read more.


Sports and Physical Recreation Since 1980 Sports participation has increased. This may be for a number of reasons; there are more opportunities to/ take past in sport, more sports centres and clubs, there is also more inspiration to do or compete in sports from the glorification of sports Celebs on television. People also have more free time and more disposable income to spend on it. The most popular sport overall is walking. The range of indoor, outdoor and natural facilities used for sport are pools, fields, lakes, sports halls, courts. Swimming Pools Dominated by the public sector, in 1998 it was estimated that there were about 1,400 public indoor swimming pools in the UK and a further 3,500 pools in schools. There are also a growing number of theme pools with water rides. Swimming pools provided as a facility in places such as hotels, gyms and spots clubs. Local Sports Clubs. 150,000 local sports cubs are estimated to be voluntary. Many sports to choose from, for example, football, rugby, cricket, hockey etc. Most operate on a non-profit basis so they are classified as voluntary. Bracknell town football team is an example of a local voluntary sports club. Sports centres There are over 2,500 purpose built public sports facility centres. Dominated by the public sector including local authorities and schools. They vary in size and in the facilities they offer. 'Bracknell sports and leisure centre' which offers a broad range if facilities, activities and classes for all ages and abilities. ...read more.


People are attracted to the countryside because of its great natural beauty, wildlife tranquillity. There is also plenty of open space and fields etc, which are perfect for recreational activities such as football pick-nicks, walks and visiting historic monuments and historic properties. Designated areas are perfect for these activities as they are intended for these purposes. National Parks are protected areas of land that are to be preserved but also enjoyed. * Areas of outstanding natural beauty E.g. Kent downs, north pennies. * Heritage coasts e.g. south-west coast, Norfolk coast. * Country Parks e.g. California country park, Dinton Pastures. . Outdoor Adventure Holiday Also know as outdoor pursuits, there are over a thousand in the UK that specialise in providing this type of holiday. Skern Lodge, Devon is an outdoor activities centre. It provides visitors with a range of services, including accommodation, meals, transport and instruction in a wide range of outdoor activities such as canoeing, sailing, raft building, climbing, archery, and plenty more. It also has swimming pools, games field, bar and recreation lounge. Home-Based Leisure There is likely to be an increase in consumer spending in areas such as audio equipment and television by over 30% between 1998 and 2003. The decline lies on reading books and newspapers are with the recent development of DVDs and videos. The private sector dominates the market for home-based leisure. The volume of UK spending on home-based leisure is around �40 billion. The internet is becoming more widely used for leisure, shopping for CDs and books, and is forecast to increased. Subtask 2 L&R UNIT 1 Task 3 Sam Platt Page 1 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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