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Barriers to participation in sport

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Barriers on sport participation plan 1. Disabled people, e.g. wheelchair and access and use of facilities 2. Opportunities e.g. local football clubs for women 3. Health and Physical Education is a lower priority than other subjects therefore less chance of extra circular activities. 4. Facilities are lacking, inaccessible and deteriorating and supply poor equipment 5. There is a shortage of qualified teachers and leaders 6. Programs are too structured, or too competitive 7. Transportation e.g. to local facilities 8. Pier pressure 9. Costs e.g. golf clubs and membership of David Lloyd facilities. Also cost of equipment 10. Injuries (long-term) Barriers to participation in sport There are many barriers for people in their participation in sport. A barrier in sport is something that for some reason or another prevents a person from taking part, in this case, in sport. There are many types of barriers in sport, which can under, physical factors, psychological factors, financial factors, environmental factors and local opportunities. An obvious barrier to sports participation is a physical factor, were disabled and unable to use facilities. For example a person in a wheel chair. ...read more.


Sport is often considered less important than other subjects, and students encouraged to concentrate on the main subjects such as Maths, Science and English. Therefore the student may opt to choose work rather than sport. If a person does not get given the opportunity to take part at a level such as in the school the chance is that he or she is unlikely to take part in it when they are at an older age. There is also image concern associated with many girls of ages around 15 when involved in sport, for example in a swim suite; do I look fat in this? This puts them of getting involved as well as social issues such as pier pressure. Friends may not think it is cool to be in a swimming club and therefore tease and skit, stopping them from doing what they enjoy. Other barriers of sport are the facilities with you choose to use if there are any available to you. If you live near only one local authority gym and the quality of equipment is poor, the building is run down and the quality of staff is poor then you may not want to visit the gym. ...read more.


In America there is a golf club known as Augusta golf club. This is a very strict club. It is so strict that it does not allow women to join the club. This is an example of gender discrimination in sport. They also don't allow coloured people to become members of the club. This is an example of racial discrimination as a barrier to sports participation. They therefore believe that there club should have a elite group of white male golfers. Other barriers to the participation in sport can be the fitness and fact that they may be carrying long-term injuries. Being injured will stop the performer from being able to play for the short-term. However carrying a long-term injury such as a hamstring problem or a knee ligament problem can cause the performer to withdraw himself from the game or even if he or she decides to play but have a constant fear of creating the problem again. Major injuries could cause the player to completely withdraw from the sport and physical activity altogether never believing that he or she could play again without injuring themselves badly again. They may have also been told by a doctor that because of the particular injury it may not be possible to perform again because of the danger to his or herself. ...read more.

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