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Boxing is a barbaric sport which must be stamped out - Discuss.

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Boxing Boxing is a barbaric sport which must be stamped out. Discuss. Boxing is a sport that some like but others don't. Some people who like the sport like it because people make money out of it and it is good enjoyment to watch. However, some people don't like boxing because people die and they also blame it for the trouble on the streets. Boxing has existed since 1500BC; it was popular in the Nile Plateau and in Egypt in the 4000BC. But boxing was not included into the Olympic Games until 1904. Instead of playing rounds the fight would last until one of them were so hurt they were unable to go on. Now that boxing is shown on television a lot more people can see it. It also means a lot more money is being made because more people go to the match and buy tickets and more people are paying to get big matches on television. ...read more.


You could argue that people are not made to watch it and are not made to take part; people do it because they want to like everything else in the world. Boxing is also good because it makes people who are poor but good at boxing get a bit of money. It also keeps people off the streets where they cause trouble. It shows the people that they can do something with their lives other than drinking and hanging about the streets. In addition it shows they could make a bit of money and not waste their lives doing nothing. Other people make money out of boxing not just the people taking part. Television companies make money; also television channels get a higher rating. People who bet on games make money however they only make money if they won most people don't. People argue that if you were to ban boxing you should ban every sport because every sport is just as or even more dangerous than boxing. ...read more.


Some also argue that when not just men fight women fight it is not good. Trevor Madge, Australian Medical Association said: "for any age and any sex, the whole purpose of boxing is to get in the ring and try to inflict damage on the brain cells of your opponent". Also Jeff French, Former Boxing Champion say "I cringe when I see a lady getting punched in the face, blood coming out of her nose or eye, it's not a good look". Some say it is a good sport because people who are poor make money out of it also television make money out of boxing. Boxing is also good entertainment for viewers. However boxing also cause serious damage to the brain and could kill people. Therefore people make up their own minds and right now if boxing were to be banned it would still go on because it is in such high demand. But I think it should not be banned because it is just as dangerous as any other sport. ...read more.

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