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Boxing, should it be banned from the 21st century?

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Boxing is a sport with history dating back many centuries ago. Right back to the days of bare-knuckle boxing and barnyard fights. Boxing can be defined as a sport that is merely a legalised way of beating-up another person. It is a male dominated sport, and some people think it should be banned from the 21st century. These people believe that boxing is too dangerous and too violent to be shown on television, or even viewed by anyone. A further point they add is that a lot of people who are influenced in the boxing world end up with their lives wrecked by money scams, violent behavior and their health is put in great danger. Others argue it is an exciting, full-on-contact sport, which is more realistic than wrestling, and therefore makes it a better sport. The people who are attracted to the sport love watching it because of its competitiveness and excitement. Others are attracted because of the appeal of money, fame, glory of winners, and sadness of losers; which comes with the sport. Big title fights attract big crowds who want to see 12 rounds of fast, hard-hitting action. Viewers want to see someone get knocked-out and they want to see a victorious champion. However, some argue that the boxing fans do not realise that many boxers have histories of being young, aggressive juveniles, who got themselves reputations of being accomplished street fighters. ...read more.


In boxing you must score as many points as you can by hitting your opponent in the body or on the head as much as you can and also to block yourself from getting hit. But many non-boxing supporters continue to ask why should this violence be a legalised sport. Some extremists insist that it is reflective of Roman times when it was popular to watch gladiators duel to the death. Yet seemingly it wont be banned, based upon the popularity of the sport and the wide acclaim it receives both from the media and world spectators. Boxing is an intensely violent sport that has people of all ages both young and old watching their television sets and waiting to see some hard-core action. Boxing fans shout remarks like, "Hit him, punch him! knock him out!!" This leads non-supporters to argue that such remarks can pose a threat to peoples behavior and could be destructive to the emotions of society. Another aspect of boxing besides the fighting is the money that is made. Boxing is a multi-million pound sport that is completely cash motivated. There are many out to make a living through its various branches e.g. the selling of the tickets for predominant fights or the betting on the results of such fights. Tickets for fights are very high profile, difficult to come by at short notice and do cost the ordinary boxing fan a lot of money. ...read more.


Usually some close family are involved in the boxers affairs, and they aren't going to scam money out of them. They claim that every boxer knows the health risks that are involved in the sport and that boxing managers are there to keep them safe and to teach them how to defend themselves. They argue that if someone is against the sport they should just not watch it or take part in it. Its good entertainment for some, but for others it might not suit them. I myself think that boxing is a very exciting sport which does have its dangers. It is fun to watch today's boxers like Prince Naseem and Mike Tyson in action and to watch the big fights on television. But I think to stop a lot of money scams and to improve safety standards the boxing commission and head board of the boxing community will have to make the necessary improvements in the sport. Most professional boxers do not wear safety gear around their heads, and damage is very easily caused. In the Olympics, their boxing safety standards are much better. I think boxing wont be banned from the 21st century because it is too popular and too much money is involved in the sport. I think that boxing shouldn't be banned from the 21st century, but safety standards and protection for boxers will have to be improved. Liam Brogan. S1F. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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