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British Basketball League

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Information about the National Governing Body: Name: British Basketball League Address: BBL Basketball House, Bickenhill Trading Estate, Bickenhill Lane, Birmingham B37 7JQ Phone: 0845 345 7890 Website: http://www.bbl.org.uk/ or http://www.englandbasketball.co.uk/ Regional Structure: Basketball can start from an early age from primary school to secondary school. It is part of the national curriculum so therefore children under the age of 16 must take part in Physical Education. It is at this stage where the learner learns the rules and the aspect of the game. Basketball can be played for enjoyment even at break times where rules do not matter. However, physical recreation and sport can take place when the athlete decides to play for the school team. Where after school clubs and matches are held against other schools. Here is a diagram stating the regional structure of English Basketball: Performance Structure Performance Level National Team � Regional Squad � County Squad � National League Club � Local Club � School Participation Level Performance Level Age Groups International Committee � Regional Management Committee � England Basketball � Sports Colleges, Local Authorities, Active Sports Participation Level Regional Management Committee's (RMC's) Role to coordinate basketball within each region Made up of; EB - Regional Development Manager Regional Chairperson (volunteer) ...read more.


In addition to this can bring out some talent in the younger children where a normal primary school teachers might not find. Furthermore, at an early age the children can benefit values of structured physical education lessons, such as physical values, preparation values, personal values and qualitative values. A well-known company called Active sport has organized competitions for girls and boys aged 12-14 in basketball. They target young children who already enjoy basketball in school and in community programs. The sport is in fortunate position as it forms well with the national curriculum in many secondary schools. The individual school programs help those less fortunate and with social difficulties. The sport is a growing inter-school competition based for young people. Over 3,000 secondary schools have subscribed to the sunny delight sponsorship award scheme. This helps the young children with link between learning basic basketball and gaining access to quality coaching and competitions to help improve and test their performance. Regional and National Competitions: Borough example: Newham This competition is mainly targeted at the secondary schools where the school is split up in to two teams: (a) ...read more.


Every athlete must not oppose the testing nor miss it or a hearing will be placed and the manager can stop them playing for the team until the hearing is finished. This is highlighted in their contract in which they sign before signing up for the team. Performance Pyramid Excellence Level Performance Level Participation Level Foundation Level From an early age due to the programs carried out in primary school (TOP Sport) a specialist basketball coach would come in and train us to play basketball. This used to be carried outside of school hours and would be known as Physical Recreation. However, on the performance pyramid I would place myself still on the foundation level as I don't play for an outside team. However, during the time at secondary school I was captain of the girl's team and often played in borough competitions organized by Newham and England Basketball. This helped me build an active lifestyle and gain knowledge and understanding of the game itself, as well as learning in Physical Education lessons set by the national curriculum. Even though basketball isn't a well known sport such as football is in U.K. in America basketball is the football in U.K. ...read more.

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