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BTEC NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN SPORTS DEVELOPMENT, ASSESMENT ASSIGNMENT 1.1 I have chosen two sports organisations involved in development schemes and I will look at their roles, aims and objectives. The two organsations I have chose to focus on are The National Association for Sports Development (NASD) and The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS). I chose these two organisations as I thought they would be interesting organisations to concentrate on and I found a fair bit of research on each of the two organisations. Roles of organisations The National Association for Sports Development (NASD) Ensuring access to quality sporting opportunities throughout the community For all ages All levels of ability Their role is increasingly about shaping policy Their work is about turning national and local policy into practice. The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) was established in September 1998 It has brought together a number of organisations in the aim to work together to provide better sports development schemes Increase participation of disabled people in sports 1.2 Aims & Objectives The aims of a scheme are likely to be: To provide a good quality service To promote a safe and healthy experience To respond ...read more.


service on all matters relating to sport for the disabled To increase effectiveness of existing disability sport structures Similarities and differences The similarities of my two organisations are They are both trying to increase participation in levels in sports development Both are trying to increase choices for excluded groups the EFDS more than the NASD, as it is concentrating on a specific excluded group The differences of my two chosen organisations are Target groups - One is a specific organization that concentrates on target group, whereas the other is targeted to all groups and is a more general organization. Methods of provision - Aims and objectives - 2.1 The criteria that I feel is necessary to measure the organisations effectiveness is as follows. Value for money - You should take into account how much money is spent on the scheme and then take into account the 'Value' of the scheme, this is more difficult to judge as the value of the scheme may be the amount of people who have benefited from the scheme or whether the scheme met all of its needs, aims and objectives. ...read more.


assess the best way top proceed 2.2 The effect that Newcastle council has had on the local community has been life changing. Many residents have had great changes in n their lifestyles. They are beginning to become a fitter community because of its "active community" schemes because over ten million pounds was invested in new sports facilities and sport spaces. The national association of sports development is more affective as it has had more successes so to so speak. However you cannot compare the two organizations head on as they have different aims and objectives where The National Association for Sports Development (NASD) has had successes in sports development schemes The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) has had success in its own areas. The only area that the NASD need to work on is to help increase participation of the disabled people because they don't work as hard and fund for them as much as they do for the communities compared to the EFDS. However they do try and work on them trying to get more involved in sport. This is due to the fact that the EFDS solely works for the Disabled minority whereas the NASD concentrates on all excluded groups ...read more.

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