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BTEC national sport: sports coaching

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Acquiring, Developing & Performance Skill section.

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    athlete is at their peak before they begin, with their arousal or competitive anxiety levels within the 'Zone'. But what is the Zone of Optimal Functioning? Sports psychologist Hanin produced the individual zone of optimal functioning. He noticed that many top, elite performers and athletes have and "Individual zone of

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    * Digestive system slows down. * The working muscles attract all blood away from internal organs. All of these symptoms for a sports performer can be beneficial as it provide them with energy and drive to perform well, however over a long period of time these symptoms can fatigue the

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    It also gets heavy finding through TV rights, mainly from Sky channels and the odd occasion with major events on the BBC. The BBC alone have committed to providing the sport with over �20million up to and including the year 2007.

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