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Children of all ages and both genders are playing rugby, from under 7's right up to veterans. There are billions of clubs all over the world offering a chance for children to take part in the sport and play for a team.

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LOCAL & NATIONAL GRASS ROOTS GRASS ROOTS (Recreational Play) LOCAL SCHOOL/COLLEGE LOCAL CLUB Children of all ages and both genders are playing rugby, from under 7's right up to veterans. There are billions of clubs all over the world offering a chance for children to take part in the sport and play for a team. Looking at our country there are numerous different clubs, which have a 'Youth & Minis' section. Many children take part in a match every Sunday in this country. Rugby Union at grass roots level offers the basics to the sport and is a taster of what the game can have in store for them. The mini's section teaches the juniors the common skills required to play the sport. Clubs have different age groups that the children are sectioned into: * U7's * U8's * U9's * U10's * U11's * U12's * U13's * U14's * U15's * U16's In many clubs, such as Bournemouth RFC these different age groups form one big group called 'Youth & Minis'. The RFU (Rugby Football Union) ...read more.


Once you made it in to the team you player other counties. This highlights some of the stages required to progress in Rugby Union, these stages to become a professional are shown below with examples from my local county, Dorset. * Grass roots level eg School Rugby * Club Level eg Bournemouth RFC * County Level eg Dorset & Wilts * Regional Level eg South West England * Semi-professional eg Bath Reserves * Professional eg Bath RFC * National eg England Andy Long is a prime example of a player reaching the top. He has gone through all the examples above. Andy plays for a great premiership rugby side (Bath RFC) and has several caps for England. He started at grass roots level in Bournemouth and played for the same team that I play for now. I look up to him as I hope to follow in his footsteps. WOMEN'S RUGBY These photos are from LEODIENSIAN LADIES RUGBY TEAM! As you can see women's rugby is increasingly getting popular, all over the world women are starting to take to the game. ...read more.


At the club I play for I know that there is a child who is deaf and plays in all the games. Although he can't hear what is going on he is told what to do through being shown, also his Dad stands on the sideline directing him through sign language. FUNDING/SPONSORSHIP Rugby as a whole is all sponsored by: Which is lottery funded. The English rugby team is sponsored by the likes of: And many more. These all help to fund the team and fund rugby as a whole in this country! Their money goes into summer camps, improving the quality of some clubs and pay for county teams and national teams! This is great because it helps people like me enjoy the game I love. CONCLUSION I feel that this game really has a lot of in's and out's which does get confusing, I've tried to squash it all down to give a compact SA on what rugby is all about and how things are done! I love the game and enjoyed doing this part of the course! I've got most of my info from knowledge I already have and the RFU website www.rfu.com ...read more.

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