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Contemporary studies in physical education.

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Contemporary studies in physical education. There are many ways in which the sport of football is controlled and organised, a majority of the sport is monitored and controlled by governing bodies that distribute funds, organise competitions, present awards and ultimately promote the sport so that football can be accessible to everyone. One of the main football governing bodies is UEFA. The Union of European Football Associations governs football all over Europe and makes sure the rules that are formed by this organisation are enforced and abided by, as well as organising competitions and so on. Moreover, as I live in Wales I will talk about the Football Association of Wales or FAW. The FAW are more of a regional organisation that relay rules etc. from UEFA and make sure that there are competitions, and matches taking place all over Wales, as well as distributing limited funds to grass roots schemes and to various clubs in the region. The FAW are based in Cardiff, the capitol, of Wales, which is, in itself relevant as it means that it is easily located. Here are some details I obtained from UEFA.com: Personnel: Communications: President Address Desmond W. Shanklin. Plymouth Chambers, 3 Westgate General Secretary Street GB - David George Collins. Cardiff CF10 1DP Head Coach Telephone Leslie Mark Hughes. +44 29 2037 2325 Press Officer Fax David George Collins. +44 29 2034 3961 As you can see there are quite a number of personnel working at the top of the FAW, these people make sure that everything goes as much to plan as possible and also make sure that there is some sort of authority associated with the sport. ...read more.


In Wales, grass roots schemes such as Dragon Sports help to promote football and get more young children involved by using players that can be used as examples of what you can achieve if you persevere. Dragon Sports organise events where the children can turn up and spend the day being taught by professional players and obviously having fun. Regional and national competitions Throughout the country there are various leagues that I talked about previously in my work, these leagues area made up of various teams that compete for promotion to a higher, more competitive league. Regional competitions or matches, are held between more localised teams which compete to win matches in order to gain points and status within their league. If a team win a majority of their games within their own league and against localised opponents, of inter-county matches, they move on to play against the victors from other leagues in various other counties. Ultimately, the teams that are the best in each area of a country will move into a position where they have to play against each other in order to proceed to the next level. After all of the county matches have been played the victorious teams may be promoted into a larger more advanced league that caters for the best regional teams. Theses teams will then play against one another in a national league that offers bigger more prestigious rewards. The teams/clubs at this level are the cream of all the inter-county teams and all compete for national recognition. Doping control and testing. Over the years there have been numerous incidents where athletes have been tested for drugs and were found to have been abusing illegal, performance enhancing narcotics. ...read more.


This way of thinking allows players of the future to develop a love of the sport and thus will tend, like myself, to carry on playing football into their teens and beyond, some will eventually develop their natural abilities to such an extent that they can play football professionally and at an elite level where they can live from the money they are paid by their team/club. From a young age I learnt to play by the rules from grass roots football during matches, I learnt how to control myself in various situations and developed a lot of skills. All of this would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible to do, without the help of governing bodies and organisations such as the FA and FIFA distributing funds and carrying out administrative procedures that ensured players, such as myself, the opportunity to play in a controlled manner in supervised games etc. During my time playing football at club level and at grass roots, I had to pay subscriptions, or "subs" that would be paid into the FA who would recycle the money and put it back into the various football clubs in the country. This money is used by the FA to fund training camps and centres of excellence throughout the country in order to develop the players of future teams and representatives of our country. Furthermore, without these governing bodies and organisations, lower level clubs, like those at grass root levels, would not be able to support themselves as well as with the assistance of such bodies. The transition from level to level throughout the life of a footballer relies not only on the willingness to pursue the sport, but on the dedication of the governing bodies and organisations to help young players and athletes move on with the most support that they need. ...read more.

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