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AS and A Level: Contemporary Studies

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Writing about the media in sport

  1. 1 You should recognize the 4 key roles of the media in sport : to educate, advertise, inform and entertain.
  2. 2 • Give SPECIFIC examples of each form of media. For example, transworld sport is very educational regarding different cultural sports and activities.
  3. 3 Acknowledge the advantages of the media and the powerful role they have in our culture, such as providing entertaining coverage of Olympics or big rival matches
  4. 4 Acknowledge the disadvantages of the media and the potentially counter-productive role they have, such as sensationalism regarding footballers and their relationships.
  5. 5 Acknowledge the ‘media’ as a business and in some cases, with a solely profiteering approach. However beware of over generalising and omitting recognition of the media (whether profit making or not) in providing an invaluable professional and leisure service to sports people specifically and the general population.

Writing about Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA)

  1. 1 This is an area of the National Curriculum that is often avoided or done minimally – students should be able to explain the reasons for this : cost, facilities, access, risk, etc
  2. 2 The difference between real (a situation where actual harm to the participants is possible) and perceived risk (a safe situation where a feeling of thrill / fear is constructed) is often confused in essay answers.
  3. 3 Many (but not all) OAAs need to have VERY strict health & safety procedures and protocols in place. The increase in safety requirements has been as a result of tragedies such as Lyme Bay occurring. Laws have been enforced to ensure the safety of participants.
  4. 4 When writing about the benefits of OAA, make sure specific examples are given. There is a mental benefit of participation in orienteering as it is developing decision-making processes.
  5. 5 The Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) is a key organisation that assesses the safety of activity centres and allows them to offer sessions to the public.

  • Marked by Teachers essays 2
  1. 1
  2. 2
  1. Good Practice in the Outdoor Industry

    After teaching the technique it is important to make sure the learner understands how and when to use it in a situation so the stroke becomes a skill. Staff may also need specific training to be able to deal with people with certain needs for example disabled people. It is also important that staff have training in the correct use of specific apparatus/equipment so they know how and when to use it. 1. 3. Caring and appropriate leadership involves having a duty of care of others and remaining in loco-parentis for participants under the age of 18.

    • Word count: 3163
  2. Voluntary Sports Clubs

    The club house includes a bar area with seating and a wide screen television which show live football matches. The bar area however is small. There is a dance hall which is of reasonable size can hold about 150 people in it. There are facilities for teams like changing rooms and showers that they can use but the teams usually turn up already in kit so they aren't really used. There are 2 junior sized football pitches and one adult sized football pitch at Croygas. The problem with this is when I played for Croygas we always played on the junior pitches and they were too small for teams of our ages.

    • Word count: 4040
  3. Sport and society

    In relation to the world cup and local clubs other industries are going to benefit greatly. This includes Merchandise, retail, media and advertising/sponsorships. Cooperation's like Adidas, Nike and Umbro who produce shirts for the represent countries such as Umbro who sponsor England, make a massive profit on shirt sales. Each time a replica shirt is sold, the company will get a percentage of the price it is bought for. For example, England launched a new away shirt before the world cup; thousands upon thousands of England fans would have purchased the shirt in time for the competition to show their support, allowing Umbro to make a lot of money.

    • Word count: 8950
  4. Weaknesses Coursework

    This would make it difficult for opposing teams to get him out in the point region. Also when Ramnaresh cuts, his hands are pointing in a downward direction which also contributes to him hitting the ball along the ground and not in the air. When I play the cut shot my hands are facing upwards which results in the ball going in the air. When I play it my hands should be facing in a downwards direction so I do not hit the ball in the air late on in my innings.

    • Word count: 5952
  5. Local and National Provision for Rugby Union - Dorset

    Some secondary schools also have house systems in place, in such schools, inter-house competitions take place. Bournemouth school is an example of this, a inter house rugby competition is held every year between the five houses, this competition runs for all age groups separately. This can then be developed into selective, school representative squads. Schools within the same area often organise friendly fixtures, developing the squad further, E.G. St. Peters school in Bournemouth organise a 7 aside tournament every year.

    • Word count: 5985
  6. We Gave Sport to The World - Social Aspects

    However, there are some similarities, which include: * Executive boards and officers * Elected by clubs through local, regional and county representatives * May have separate organisations in the four home nations (England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland * Many still have separate organisations for men and women Within the UK alone there is around 300 governing bodies some of which are well known E.g. The Football Association and The Lawn Tennis Association and some of which are not, E.g. The British Korfball Association and The British Sub Aqua Association.

    • Word count: 4875
  7. The Sports Industry

    It is a six-rink green and is used by both the members of the Carlton Indoor Bowls Club and members of the public. The club consists of three sections Men's, Ladies and Juniors. The club has also being provided with two wheelchairs for any disabled people who wish to take up the sport. Membership is available to anyone costing an annual subscription of �30 for adults and �10 for juniors. The membership gives you a complimentary annual membership to the Leisure Centre. Ordinary Rink Fees are �1.60 per person for 2-hour sessions and match fees are �3.50 per person. Mr.

    • Word count: 4774
  8. Athlete diet plan

    + 651 (17.5 x 87.09) + 651 = 2175.075 2175.075 x 1.55 = 3371.37 kcal Difference between actual intake and recommended intake; 3371.37 - 2463 = 908.37 kcal under recommended intake Macronutrient intake; Carbohydrates; Recommend Nutritional Intake (RNI); 316.28g Actual intake; Breakfast; 84.9+5g= 89.9 Lunch; 20.9+20.9+13.7.4g+19g+14g+23.2g= 111.7 Tea; 2.6g+1.1g+4.9g+25g+4g+2.1g= 39.7 Drinks; 10gx3= 30g Total intake; 271.3g Difference between RNI and actual intake; 320 - 271.3= 48.7 under RNI Fibre; RNI; 20 - 35g Actual intake; Breakfast; 3g Lunch; 4.3g+4.3g+0.5g+1g+2g+3.1g= 15.2g Tea; 1.2g+4.6g+2.5g+1.8g+0.1g+1.6g= 11.8g Drinks; none Total intake; 30g RNI adhered to Fat; RNI; no more than 10% of energy intake Day 1 RNI; 10% of 2463 kcal = 246.3 kcal = 27.37g (9kcal = 1g of fat)

    • Word count: 15706
  9. Practical Team Assignment 1

    Diary - Week 2 Activity Volleyball Objectives of session To understand the main areas of dig. Skills and Techniques relevant to the sport (P1) Dig-the technique to provide dig is to have a flat back, one foot forward, knees bend, arms straight, hit the ball with the lower arm not with hands, when releasing the shot bring your arms upwards, push shoulder inside and keep your head up. What was your involvement in the sport and how did you use these skills and techniques? My involvement in the sport was just taking part in the exercise and participates with the groups we were put to.

    • Word count: 3466
  10. Managing and Promoting Heath and Safety

    There are three different parts of health, safety and security that I am going to look at and an organisation needs to look at and use to make their facilities safe not only for the customers but also for the employees, they are management, training and documentation. Firstly I will look at the management of the two organisations. A manager has many responsibilities that they must carry out during the working day and over a period of time, they will have normal operating procedures that they will do during the day or shift, emergency action plans, emergency operating procedures and

    • Word count: 5013
  11. Physiological effects of the environment on the athlete

    It is because of this added demand on blood flow that body temperature regulation, and circulatory capacity, are significantly influenced by the environmental temperature and humidity. When performing in warm, humid conditions the circulation cannot both supply nutrients to muscle and regulate body temperature to the complete satisfaction of the body. As a result, the athlete's performance is decreased, and overheating becomes a serious problem. Low levels of dehydration can impact performance. E.g. An athlete running 120 seconds over 800 meters, then if low levels of dehydration occur his or her time would be reduced to 132 to 144 seconds.

    • Word count: 4247
  12. Social Aspects of Sport

    This can be repeated in sport, as sporting activities give the working class something else to keep their minds from thinking about their working lives. Marxism is sometimes criticised as the society that it lives in is to dependant on the improvement of its economy. Functionalism: Functionalism works on the basis of comparing living organisms to society for example if you look at a flower without the important parts like the roots the flower will not get water to survive, also if it didn't have its petals it wouldn't get the sunshine that it also needs to survive, what's being said here is that with certain things missing in a society the society will fail to work.

    • Word count: 5478
  13. Contemporary Studies in Physical Education

    Enthusing participation and following, especially among young people * Successful England teams Regional Structure Pathways for Elite Performers The ECB has developed a national strategy identifying seven steps prior to the development of cricket and pathways for elite performers. The seven steps provide a national framework which cricket will be introduced locally. It is very important that each step is interpreted by the 'County Cricket Boards' according to specific circumstances, such as people with disability, needs of women, men, girls, boys, religion and ethnic communities, and the inner city areas.

    • Word count: 4912
  14. Women in Sport Today

    Early pugilism made no distinctions between large fighters and smaller ones - the classification of boxers by weight came in only gradually throughout the nineteenth century. Closer competition between racehorses was secured by handicapping. It will doubtless be left to the twenty-first century to see the emergence of a distinctive women's sporting world, equal to that of men, overlapping it, but with its own characteristic elements and offering something beyond synchronised swimming. Taking Part and Being There Participation levels in sport for women are now higher than ever, particularly in sports whose main aim is fitness - jogging, aerobics and

    • Word count: 4217
  15. Critically analyse how the media, sports funding, education and the business sectors have affected sport The sports industry can be categorised into three different sectors

    Best Value became a statutory duty in 2003. The objective of Best Value is to ensure that management and business practices in local government deliver better and more responsive public services. This meant that local authorities have to: * Balance quality service provision against costs. * Achieve sustainable development. * Be accountable and transparent, by engaging with the local community. * Ensure equal opportunities. * Continuously improve the outcomes of the services they provide. Still even to this day those managing public facilities are still finding funding a major problem.

    • Word count: 5914
  16. A definition of the values and ethics associated with sportPrinciplesA principle is a basic truth, law or policy. Principles are standards that define moral behaviour

    The underpinning value of these three definitions is that of fair play and abiding by the rules. Everyone involved at sport at all levels are supposed to encourage ethical considerations that will lead to fair play, it is to be encouraged at all levels of sport and towards all ages of sportsperson but particularly aspiring young athletes. The major underpinning values that are to be taught are:- * Friendship * Respect for others * Playing with a level head and a team spirit * Equal opportunities An explanation as to the importance of ethics and values for sporting organisation and the individuals who participate Individual and group development has a lot to do with the ethics and values that are learnt through life.

    • Word count: 3178

    * Coaches must keep a friendly and open environment. Role Model * Performers need a coach to guide them. * A coach who earns and maintains trust and respect can be a very positive model. * Performers will imitate you as a coach, so it is important to behave in the correct manor especially around youngsters. * You as a coach must follow certain standards and practices. I will be referring to two football coaches during this assignment. My first coach Sir Alex Ferguson, is a highly experienced premiership manager at Manchester United, and the other coach Tony Turner, is the manager of my local amateur team Bedfont Green FC.

    • Word count: 5471
  18. If football is the world's most popular sport, why doesn't the women's game attract as much interest as the men's game.

    Whilst this was only the dawn period for women's football, a certain landmark was created during the same year. The largest ever crowd noted during a women's game amounted to 53,000. In December 1921, the Football Association (F.A) banned any female from participating in matches at football grounds. Furthermore it was quoted that "complaints have been made as to football being played by women, the council feel impelled to express their strong opinion that the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged" (the Football Association).

    • Word count: 3306
  19. TaeKwonDo: A Sport, A Culture,

    Under the state sponsorship, Koguryo (37 B.C. -A.D. 668) had an organized martial artists called sonbae and Shilla (57 B.C. - A.D. 935) boasted hwarang warriors. In civilian life, farmers and others decided on the pecking order in villages after a competition of subokta, an unarmed sport. Around this period, subakhu, a systemized division of skills, was the basis of all martial arts for the upper class and a useful defense skill for the public. Taekkyon, a basic martial art which is depicted in old tomb murals in Manchuria, also emerged and developed.

    • Word count: 3423
  20. football law

    This type of 'TRANSFER SYSTEM' meant that the Employment lives of players were CONTROLLED by the clubs. The knock on effect of this was that the player's mobility and wages was limited and Top players often had to spend most of their careers home clubs which often experienced little success. However this was challenged and changed in the late 1960's with the help of a leading case of an English player 'George Eastham (Eastham Case). The facts of this case were that Eastham expressed a move to 'Newcastle United' from his club, 'Ards' in Northern Ireland.

    • Word count: 5850
  21. In this essay I am going to look at look at football and athletics & fitness within the sports industry

    35 - 44 45 - 54 55 - 64 65+ Number of People 48 28 17 10 2 1 ~ As you can see looking at the table, the older the age the less people participate. In the first table we see the growth due to the access and availability to football facilities. The access to leisure facilities that provide football has become so much easier that people can afford to participate a lot easier. There are also a lot of clubs and teams that people can take part in, the leagues offer a wide range of ages and skill level for people wanting to join.

    • Word count: 4694
  22. The Football Association (FA)

    P.P.P - Football -The Football Association (FA) FA Coaching Association (FACA) ...Weekly and Monthly Email Updates Sent from Insight Live directly to your inbox, the updates will keep you up to date with all the latest articles and interviews as well as the latest news within the football industry. Insurance Protection The Football Association has negotiated insurance cover for the benefit of individual members of The FA Coaches Association resident in the UK. Benefits include �5m civil liability insurance cover, liability to any Third Parties, full instructor indemnity, libel and slander cover and cost of defence cover.

    • Word count: 3625
  23. Leisure and recreation

    People also find it more comfortable working out in their own homes on running machines etc than in the gym as they may feel self-conscience about their body shape or size. The equipment mostly used in home-based leisure and recreation is: ? Radios/Videos/ CD's ? Computer/Books/Games ? TV sets/Hi-Fi Sets ? DIY and Gardening materials Non-home-based Non-home-based recreation is a little more cost worthy. Some of the non-home-based activities include: ? Concerts & music festivals ? Pubs & clubs ?

    • Word count: 6643
  24. Investigating the nature of thesports industry

    One that meets their own personnel requirements; to lead a healthier lifestyle, meet new people etc. Either way for what ever reasons they participate in sporting activities, the leisure and recreation industry has a number of outlets that allow the customer to choose what products he/she does/ does not want, and therefore tailor their individual needs to an individual sporting plan of activities that most importantly they enjoy participating in. From a recent survey, conducted to a mixture of people, from different social backgrounds the following reasons came top of the pole why people become involved in various sporting activities.

    • Word count: 15267
  25. Tennis Personal Performance Portfolio

    This also relates to power which is a combination of strength and speed i.e. a smash. Warm up All training and competitive play should be preceded by a warm up. The main reason fro this is to reduce the risk of injury and to prepare you mentally and physically. My warm up will involve: * Slow jogging around the hall for approximately 5mins * Ballistic stretches o Lunges o Knee raises o Groin rotations o Rotation of arms * Static stretching- each of these stretches will be held for 12 seconds o Quadriceps o Hamstrings o Gastrocnemius o Groin o Latissimus dorsi o Pectorals o Deltoids o The benefits of the warm up on the vascular system: 1.

    • Word count: 3537

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Analyse the effects that staging a major sporting event can have on an area.

    "As you can see from my conclusion, the question asked in this report is of a complex nature and has no simple answer. I used case studies covering a range of scales and locations in order to make as accurate a judgement as possible. However I could only use a limited number due to the length of time I had to carry out my research and compile this report. To fully investigate the issue I would need to carry out my research on a much larger scale, covering a greater time period and range of events."

  • Discuss the various systems for nurturing elite sports talent

    "In conclusion, there are many various systems for nurturing elite sports talent, some of these more successful than others. However, there are many reasons as to why some of these could be overall detrimental to a country, whether it may be because it is seen as a waste of money, or because it involves bad treatment of the children involved. On the other hand, systems for nurturing elite sports talent can be seen as beneficial because it improves an athlete's performance and gives them a much better chance of winning."

  • "Sport is precious it shouldn't be abused by commercial interests". To what extent is this true in sport today?

    "In conclusion I think that perhaps there are some aspects that make commercialisation a bad thing in sport, but I think that the good that comes out of it by far outweighs the bad. I think that sport is precious, but will not be spoiled by commercial interests. Contrary to this, I think that commercialisation makes sport appear more of an attractive career and therefore t attracts a larger amount of people to play professionally. And I think that the quality of athletes has greatly increased due to the incentives that sponsorships bring about. There could be an argument to say that this increased competition has spoiled sport, because it does incite cheating in sport in order to win. Again, using the 100m sprint final as an example. The margin for error in this race is so small, and the huge difference between the prize for second place and first place makes the race so much more competitive, that cheating is becoming more and more common. So perhaps to some extent we could say that the increased financial gain from being a professional athlete has spoiled sport to some extent."

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