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Critically analyse your own performance in your chosen sport using suitable notational methods. Include forms of formative, continual and summative assessment in order to evaluate and plan for future progressions

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INTRODUCTION TASK: Critically analyse your own performance in your chosen sport using suitable notational methods. Include forms of formative, continual and summative assessment in order to evaluate and plan for future progressions, developing performance criteria in your sporting performance. I have chosen to analyse my performance in cricket, which means I have to do a season review as it is out of season at the moment, so I will analyse a 6 week period in the season that has just been completed and show how my performance has improved or decreased over the set period. Instead of using action plan after each game I will just review and do an overall action plan after the 6-week period to see where I can improve for the next season. In conjunction with my action plan I will put the fitness and strength work I am doing in the gym during the off-season into my analysis, which will help me to improve my performances next season. I can analysis parts of my off-season fitness and strength in relation to the targets I set myself in those areas for the next season. I also want to set myself some goals to achieve by the end of nest season analysing my performance last season and noting how much I improve will make it easier to set a tough but achievable target/targets. Goal Setting has become such a mainstream activity in sport, and so while setting goals for next season I have to consider one of the most valuable words in sports SMART. Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Based When setting goals I have to make sure that my goals are specific to the areas that I need to improve, that I can measure the improvements I have made in trying to reach my targets. I must make sure my goals are challenging but not to difficult to achieve, I should also take into account the scale of time I have to reach my target so adapt my long-term goals into deadlines and priorities. ...read more.


* 10 minute net facing human bowlers * 10 minute net using the bowling machine, set-up to deliver bowls in different areas. * 10 minutes of throw downs. * 10 minutes bowling at one stump. * Bowl with the speed gun. (66mph Average) * The rest of the time spent bowling at my team-mates. * Light jog, kick around followed by light stretching NAME Craig Bartlett SPORT Cricket DATE Thursday Week3 START TIME 6:00pm FINISH TIME 7:30pm TOTAL TRAINING TIME 1hr 30min STAGE AIM OF SESSION Practice fielding, bowling and batting techniques. BENEFITS OF SESSION To get your technique in order for the forthcoming weekend matches. And to improve fielding. WARM UP MAIN CONTENT COOL DOWN * 3 laps around the pitch * Stretching * Shuttle runs * Fielding drill. * 10 minutes, bowling machine catching, the ball is fired from the bowling machine up in the air. * 10 minutes of fielding drills, stopping the ball and throwing it at one stump. * 10 minutes of long distance throwing, running after the ball and sliding to stop it, followed by long throw to the stumps. * 30 minutes of batting technique with the team coach * 30 minutes of bowling run-up and technique with the bowling coach. * Light jog, kick around followed by light stretching FRIDAY 35 minute run SPEED: 12 Kmph DISTANCE: 7000m EXERCISE SETS REPS WEIGHT Full Bicep Curl 3 10 12.5Kg 3/4 Bicep Curl 3 10 15Kg Peck Deck 3 10 15Kg Bench Press 3 10 50Kg Angel Wings 3 10 5Kg Curl + Press 3 10 25Kg 21's 3 21 10Kg Lunges 3 10 20Kg Knee Raises 3 10 Squat 3 10 50Kg Leg Curl 3 10 Knee Extension 3 10 Press-Ups 4 70 ------- Sit-Ups 4 30 ------- Pull-Ups 4 12 ------- Dips 4 10 ------- Tricep Kick-Backs 3 10 Season Stats after three weeks. Batting Matches Innings Runs Not outs Highest Average 50's 5 5 118 2 42* 39.33 0 Bowling Matches Overs Maidens Runs Wickets ...read more.


IMPROVEMENTS If I were to evaluate a certain during a cricket seasons again there would be many things I would do differently in retrospect. Firstly I believe that certain targets I set myself were really related to SMART. I think that averaging thirty over six weeks was far too easy and didn't really challenge me as I didn't even dip below an average of thirty-two. I think I should have looked at what I had done in the past and analysed what I think would have been a more realistic target. In retrospect thirty-five or forty would have be more realistic and challenging. I think that saying want to improve my fitness levels was far too vague, and it made it hard for me too record improvements and thus hard analyse records and stats. If were to do this assignment again I would assign certain targets to each aspect of fitness for example stamina, speed and flexibility. This give me an idea of what areas of fitness I need to concentrate on and improve, as I so I could dedicate more time to that area rather than spending too much time on areas that are already good. I think something I could do to improve this in the future is to have regular testing throughout training sessions so I can see how the training sessions have directly helped to improve skills and helped it making improvements in my game. TARGETS After seeing how I have progressed in a six-week period it easier to set targets for the next season. Just as a basic target setting I have some targets I wish to achieve for the whole of next season. * Make a fifty then a hundred. * Score over 750 runs in the season * Take 75% of catches. * Take 30 wickets * Bowl at over 70mph. * Open the bowling and batting in a match. * Get level 12.5 or over in the bleep test. * Make over five league appearances. * Top run scorer in friendlies. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Acquiring, Developing & Performance Skill section.

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