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Discuss the differences between skill, technique and ability and explain how 'practise makes perfect'.

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Discuss the differences between skill, technique and ability and explain how 'practise makes perfect'. What is the difference between skill, technique and ability? I am going to outline what Skill, Technique and Ability mean, and then I will discuss the differences. I will use a number of examples to explain my theories. This will make it is easier to see the differences and similarities of technique, skill and ability. Ability Ability is innate, which means that it is inherited, people are born with different abilities to each other Ability is the make up of a person which we inherit from our parents. Abilities contribute to skills. Abilities can be perceptual, motor or a combination of both. Most abilities to do with action are a combination and are referred to as psychomotor abilities. If you are of average height, strong, good coordination and have a lot of fast twitch fibres in your legs then you have the natural ability to be a sprinter. ...read more.


Cognitive phase - This involves grasping the demands of a task. Associative phase - This is when less attention is paid to the task and more attention is paid to the environment. Automonous phase - When the execution of the task and decision making become automatic. Technique Technique is a learned skill specific to a sport to enable greater success "the tackle is where most of the injures in rugby now occur. Coaches should ensure that all players know how to tackle correctly." If players have the wrong technique, they are more likely to injure themselves. A good tackler uses leg power to drive the shoulder onto the ball carrier, before using the arms to wrap around the opponent. Here are some aspects of a good technique. * Focus eyes on target area * Move forward to meet the ball carrier * Sink early into tackle position and bend knees * Chin up, eyes open * Head to the side or behind the impact - cheek to cheek * Contact with the shoulder * Wrap with ...read more.


Practice can also lead to a higher level of fitness, which can also help a person improve on their skills and even find new ones. A higher level of fitness, improved techniques and new found skills will all help a person find a higher level of performance, and help them to perfect their game. Most top sporting professionals play their sport full time, which means that they train for at least 5 hours a day. Depending on their sport, they will also spend hours in the gym, and even have a specific diet, which suits them. They do all of this so that they can stay at the top of their game, every sportspersons dream is to be the best there is at a specific activity, whether it be running, cycling, or swimming. These very best sports men and women are the ones who have the most skill, best technique, highest ability and the best physique for their preferred sport. Having said that, the worlds best footballer isn't necessarily the footballer that is the best at all of these components, he is the footballer who has the best combination of all of them. ...read more.

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