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TITLE: DISCUSS THE DIFFRENCE BETWEEN SKILL, ABILITY AND TECHNIQUE AND EXPLAIN HOW YOU WOULD STRUCTURE PRACTICES TO ENHANCE THESE COMPONENTS OF FITNESS "Skill is an organise co-ordinated activity in relation to an object or situation which involves a whole chain of sensory, central and motor mechanisms." There are four different types of skill. Cognitive, Perceptual, Motor and Perceptual Motor. Cognitive skill is intellectual skills involving thought processes, such as adding up score. Perceptual skill in the interpretations of a stimuli. Motor skill involves the muscular system and movement and Perceptual Motor skill is a combination of perceptual and motor skill. Knapp's skill continuum The Open and Closed Continuum This continuum is concerned with the effects of the environment on skills - Knapp's open and closed skills also known as open and closed loop control. Open skills: Football usually involves open skills. This is because the environment is constantly changing and so movements have to be continually adapted. Therefore, skills are predominantly perceptual. The skill is mostly externally paced, for example a pass in football. Closed skill: these skills take place in a stable, predictable environment and the performer knows exactly what to do and when. Therefore, skills are not affected by the environment and tend to be habitual. Movements follow set patterns and have a clear beginning and end. The skills tend to be self-paced, for example taking a penalty in football. ...read more.


For optimal performance you first need the ability to carry it out, ten you need the correct skill and lastly you need the perfect technique. If you can achieve all of these it will help you perform best at your sport. Team sport - football The team sport that I am going to be looking at is football. Component of fitness that is required in football is: Agility - footballers need the ability to be able to change the position of there body quickly and precisely in order to get away from there opponents. Power - this is required when the player is going to take a shot. The player needs to get as much power possible in one kick so that the ball has the power and speed to beat the goalkeeper. Speed - is required by a football as they will need to run fast to get away from there opponent or to chase the ball down. Co-ordination - is essential especially for goal keeps as they will need good hand eye coordination when catching or more importantly saving the ball. Reaction time - is the time it takes for the keeper to initiate a muscular movement to a given signal or stimulus e.g. a player taking a penalty. The component of fitness that I am going to focus on for football is agility. ...read more.


I believe that the practices that I have given for team, racket and individual sport are relevant and they will help improve the overall fitness and also improve there skills and allow the performers to perform better at their sports. Also the components of fitness I have chosen to train are relevant to the sport they are training for and will help them improve and again help them perform better at the sport there training for. If I could I would change my training plans by making sure that they all meet the principles of training, e.g. specificity, progression, overload and reversibly and as well as the F.I.T.T principles. By making sure the training plans includes all of these it will help improve there overall fitness as well as there overall performance by improve the aspects of health related fitness as well as the skill related fitness components. There are also physiological benefits such as hypertrophy of the heart, lower resting heart rate resulting in bradycardia, also the force of ventricular contraction will increase which will lead to an increase in stroke volume and cardiac output. There will also be an increase and improvement of reaction to physical activity of slow twitch (type I0 muscle fibres and fast twitch type IIa and type IIb fibres. The muscles will also have an increase tolerance of build up of lactic acid. Reference Advanced PE for Edexcelhttp://www.brianmac.co.uk/continuum.htm ?? ?? ?? ?? Masnun Siddiqui 1 ...read more.

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