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Do Professional Footballers Get Paid Too Much

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Do Professional Footballers Get Paid Too Much? I think that question has been heard most probably by a lot of you im sure... The other day I saw on the news a club chief executive moaning about the wages the club pays to the players at the club, I can't remember who he was but it just annoyed me. There he was smoking a big cigar, driving a brand new Bentley, doing nothing for the club, but taking a big fat pay packet of his own while not actually getting out on the pitch and making a difference for the club. Now don't get me wrong I think he had a point. ...read more.


These are players that make a match worth watching just to see them, it doesn't matter what team they play for it's all about them and their ability to produce magical skills that make your jaw drop in admiration. Maybe a better answer to the question would be yes some are, but no others are not. Though of course that doesn't make for good headlines when a player signs a new contract. Lets be honest how many Manchester United fans begrudge Roy Keane a single penny he made from the club? But that didn't stop the newspapers whining about the massive sums he was making, well so what? Sometimes I think its just jealousy that creates these headlines about overpaid players, or maybe its just a complete lack of anything interesting to write that leads to it? ...read more.


Surely all clubs need to do transfers between themselves is a solicitor, a representative and an FA, UEFA or FIFA or whoever representative to make sure it is all legal and above board. I know this will never happen as too many people are busy creaming off money from the game to line their own pockets. But at the end of the day it should be about the fans - the players should all be on performance based contracts so they can earn massive amounts but only if the club does well and the ticket prices should be as low as possible so that as many fans as possible can afford to go. Still this will never happen because too many people would lose out and at the end of the day football is no longer a sport it is a business and that will unfortunately never change. ...read more.

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