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drugs in sport

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PSDSD 1019 Drugs in sport Drugs in sport is a major problem at this moment in time as it is beginning to become easier to attain drugs in your locally area. There is four different aspects that will be looked at in this essay are the four different aspects of drugs in sport which are philosophy, sociology, psychology and physiology. Each of these different aspects is influential in drugs in sport. These issues are major in sport, as they not only affect the professional athletes that people think that they do. A survey taken of sefton Liverpool is only one example how it affects everyone not just professionals. This showed that anabolic steroids had been the third most commonly offered drug behind cannabis and amphetamines, revealing that 6�4% of boys and 1�3% of girls had been offered anabolic steroids (Clarke 1999). We can see the problems with drugs in sport in that if children find out there favourite players or athletes are taking these drugs then they must be tempted and the survey shows how easy it is for them to gain possession of the drug. Drugs are a major issue that has to be looked at. Un officially reports claim that there is as many as twenty to forty percent of gym users taking perfromencing-enhancing drugs. This shows the severity of drugs in sport. (Drug scope website) The first aspect to look at is the philosophy of drugs in sport. Philosophy is described as the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence or, a theory or attitude that guides ones behaviour. ...read more.


This shows how taking these steroids can affect a person's psychological well being. The drug affects people in a variety of ways, be it like above in their moods and make them come a bit more depressed. Where as in the other reports found that taking these anabolic steroids affect a person aggression we can see this in a study taken by Choi and Pope (1994) they took study of 24 anabolic steroid user and 14 non users. The findings were that while a person who was taking a drug cycle they were more likely to report verbal and physical fights with their spouse compared with the non-user and people that were not currently on a drug cycle. We can see from these affects that a person has while he or she is on a drug cycle. This is a worrying thought as we have already seen the amount of drug user there is thought to be. Among the community of steroid users there is a term called 'roid rage', which described by Wright, Grogan and Hunter (2001) as an uncontrollable outbursts of aggression. In report taken by Beel (1994) people who are taking these drugs compare normally to the general public in education, income, height and alcohol consummation. Though are likely to report 'roid rage' as a response to small amounts of provocation. This is a worrying finding if it does not take a lot to make a person go into an uncontrollable fit of rage. We see the stats of how many people can get hold of these drugs and how many people are currently using the drug. ...read more.


(Ganslen 1974) Drugs the different types of drugs which a person takes are vast they can range from drugs that are designed to produce muscle mass and make the performer bigger such as anabolic steroids, or drugs designed to make your red blood cell count become greater which are called EPO. EPO proper name Erythropoietin. EPO is a hormone produced by the kidneys that produces red blood cells within the body. By injecting themselves with extra EPO, athletes can not only improve oxygen absorption but also potentially increase the metabolism and healing process of muscles. (Bennett, 2003) This drug is helpful with professional coaching as it means that the person can train for longer. We can see simply from the two different drugs the radical changes that taking these performance-enhancing drugs can have on people. When you look at drugs in sport through each of these different aspects you can see a lot of how sever the problem is. Each aspect links in with each other to form different problems. Looking at the different whys that it harms a person it is not only a person body that it is affecting but also their mind. You also look at top professionals from all around the world; they are role models to children from their countries who wish to be like them. So when they decide to take these drugs it is there body they are damaging but also the body of there fans who think that it is acceptable to take drugs if there heroes are doing so as well. It is the responsibilities to get a message out that drugs a re bad and should never be used in enhance a competitor's performance because there decision affects many more people. ...read more.

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