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English sport.

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Sport England Sport England is responsible for providing the strategic lead for sport in England to deliver Government's sporting objectives. The organisation develops the framework for the country's sporting infrastructure and distributes Lottery funding to where it will deliver most value for sport. Sport England provides many different schemes to help promote Sport and P.E across England and its schools. One of the main schemes presented is `Active Schools' Active Schools demonstrates Sport England's commitment to encouraging every child to stay physically active for life. It highlights the importance of physical activity as an essential part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It emphasises that, for some, early involvement in physical activity is the first step towards national or international sporting success. Active Schools provides schools and teachers with the support, training and resources they need to give children the best possible physical education and sports provision. Its range of integrated products and services has been developed and consolidated through extensive consultation with Sport England's partners in the government, education, sport and health sectors. ...read more.


Sport England also operates many different programmes within Active Schools. All of which provide funding to schools across England in order to improve facilities within the school itself and the overall standard of play in P.E today: Space for Sports and Arts is a two-year programme (2000-02) providing funding to primary schools in the most deprived areas to improve their sports and arts facilities for dual school and community use. Invitations have been extended to 65 local education authorities to apply for the funding to support up to 300 projects. Playing fields and Community Green spaces Programme identifies and funds projects that help communities gain access to playing fields, green spaces, school playgrounds and community play areas. Sport England will distribute �31.5 million on behalf of the New Opportunities Fund (NOF), with �22.3 million allocated for playing fields and �9.2 million for school playgrounds and community play areas. The programme, which runs for four years from May 2001 to April 2005, covers the whole of England but will focus 50% of the funding on areas of deprivation. ...read more.


between schools, sports clubs and the community * increase training opportunities * Keep PE staff abreast of new developments * enhance delivery of the National Curriculum 2000 * Improve the quality of out-of-school-hours learning * help schools determine their strengths and identify areas for development * help schools promote and market themselves effectively * help schools improve their sports facilities for community use Sport is an essential part of a child's physical and social development. Active Schools is based on the principle that every child should develop love of movement. physical activity and sport, and enjoy the lifelong benefits of sport participation. Sport England will measure the programme's success against a set of challenging targets that are in line with the long term, national targets set out in the Government's strategy document, England: the Sporting nation. They are: * 20% more young people taking part in out-of-school-hours sport * 20% more girls showing a strong interest in leisure-time sport * 10% more boys showing a strong interest in leisure-time sport. ...read more.

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