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Evaluate the use and applications of the rules regulations And scoring systems for playing golf and badminton.

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Thomas Prosser Evaluate the use and applications of the rules regulations And scoring systems for playing golf and badminton. I have been given the task of writing an assignment focusing on the rules and regulations of golf and badminton. I will evaluate the scoring systems of each sport and also look very deeply into equipment and playing surfaces used by both sports. These sports differ hugely so I will not try and compare the two sports I will just evaluate both sports in general. In order for a sport to be carried out efficiently and safely it needs rules for participants to follow. The rules for golf are listed below: Golf 1. Play the ball as it lies. Without this rule players could place the ball near the pin as they wanted. 2. When a ball is hit out of bounds or in a water hazard you may drop the ball either where the initial shot was taken or next to the water hazard. One penalty point will be incurred. 3. In a water hazard or bunker do not touch the ground with your hand or club before the stroke. This will cause the ball to move or make it harder for the opponent. A penalty stroke will be incurred. 4. Unless your ball is in a water hazard, you may drop away from casual water, ground under repair or burrowing animal holes. ...read more.


The rules of golf states that you are only allowed to carry 14 clubs in your bag anymore would result in a penalty stroke or even disqualification. Each club has its own specific shape in order to achieve distance and height. The driver will give you a long flat drive where the pitching wedge will give you a short high shot. The height and distance is all to do with the angle of the club. The greater the angle on the head of the club the greater height you will get. So a Driver would have a flat head whilst a pitcher would be at a great angle. Golf has no set clothing. If a course has its own clothing policy you must follow it in order to play. Players use golf shoes in order to maintain grip on slippery courses. These are just normal shoes with metal studs at the bottom, which grip the surface and allow the player to carry out shots without losing their balance. Badminton The rules of badminton differ vastly from the rules of golf. Below are all the rules of badminton. 1. The winner of the toss can elect to serve or receive in the first game, or to choose to play at a particular end of the court. The loser of the toss makes the remaining choice. ...read more.


The Shuttlecock The shuttlecock can be made from natural or synthetic materials but goose feathers make the majority of high quality shuttlecocks. The shuttlecock has 16 feathers fixed to its cock base. The feathers should be measured between 62mm and 70mm. The base of the shuttlecock shall measure25mm to 28mm in diameter and rounded at the bottom. The total weight of the shuttlecock will vary from 4.74 to 5.50 grams. The Racket The racket has six main parts the handle, the throat, the shaft, the head, the frame and the stringed area. The handle is where the racket is held and you can purchase special grips to wrap around it. The head binds the stringed area to the racket, the shaft connects the handle to the head. The length of the racket should not be anymore than 680mm in length and 230mm in width. The Court Conclusion After analyzing the rules and procedures of both golf and badminton it is now extremely clear that there is a great contrast between the two sports. The only way in which these two sports are held together is that the only way the sport can be carried out efficiently is if the participants follow the rules. If the rules were not followed then the participants would not know when to start when to finish and most importantly who has won. The key to any sport is to follow the rules in order to enjoy the sport and most importantly to be safe whilst playing the sport. Tom Prosser ...read more.

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