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CONCEPTS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY EXAMINATION QUESTIONS Ja 6 Since the beginning of the 20th century, participation in outdoor and adventurous activities has increased. Figure 1 shows people skiing on a dry ski slope. Figure 1 Source: www.folkestonesports.ndo.co.uk (a) How could skiing on a dry ski slope meet the requirements of physical recreation and sport? (4 marks) Recreation- is usually done in free time. It is done by choice. It brings about good feelings and is enjoyable. Sport- Involves structured training, which is goal specific, and physically demanding. There is a pre determined set of rules in which participants must follow. Sport requires coaching. ...read more.


(3 marks) In society there is generally increasingly less discrimination and therefore more equality. Developments in technology and improved facilities (i.e.- carbon fibre blades for amputees) Disabled athletes pushing to participate in activities due to higher levels of self-esteem Inspirational role models, for example paralympians. 3 (b) How did the 19th century public schools and universities influence the development of games and their spread into wider society? (4 marks)Games- they developed more sophisticated set of rules. They developed more skills and strategies in particular sports. Development of competitions, for example inter house to inter school. Spread into society- Factories started putting together teams. ...read more.


Why were such facilities provided? Initially as a form of social control, an attempt to lower criminal activity. Attempt to increase amount of sociability amongst public, encouragement of social interaction. In modern society it provides people with employment opportunities. The baths improved hygiene of public. (4 marks) (e) During the past decade there has been an increase in membership of private fitness clubs. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this for the general population? (4 marks) Advantages- Provides better quality of facilities. Provides more opportunity to develop fitness and health. Provides employment opportunities for general population. Disadvantages- Some of the general public are unable to afford private fitness clubs. Public services could suffer as a consequence, as it drives people away. ...read more.

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